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  1. Does that mean I wouldn't be able to get his Sengoku Basara season 1 and 2 Dual Audio? because i can't find that anywhere
  2. Could someone give me a quick review on "Fairy Tale", I really don't know much about it. Also if being compared to something like Bleach or Naruto, how would it compare?
  3. My budget isnt the best at the moment and I'd really hate to buy Dvd's then switch to Blu-ray later. To be honest, I've nevet noticed much of a difference between the two except when I download them and when I click them, it opens up Vlc player with a larger screen than normal but thats on my laptop, I want to get dvd's so I can play them on my Tv
  4. Is there a big difference in Blu-ray anime, If you buying the Dvd's is it worth the extra cost? Here in Australia, Blu-ray is a good $15-$20 more than the normal dvd's so im wondering if its worth getting or if i should jusdt go for the dvd version
  5. How about the main character being so strong they could destroy country/planet/universe and so fast they can dodge almost all attacks thrown at them during a fight but somehow ALWAYS get beaten by some random annoying female character in the show...for example Dragonball Z - Goku gets beaten by Chi-chi.... Naruto - Naruto always gets hit and smacked by Sakura Bleach - Ichigo gets knocked down alot by ....Rukia and that annoying girl in his high school lol..(also lol at the soul reaper that makes flowers appear with his swords power...) I mean, I can't be the only one that finds this annoying. also.. how about characters that lose half their skill after the first episode lol... I'm mainly talking about "Blackcat" on this one but im sure there are others lol... Hes a super fast killer who could move through a crowd without being seen or heard in the first episode but can never do that again lol Oh Forgot to mention two other things that ruin a series for me, The first is when the main character loses his/her memory as mentioned a few times in this thread and the other is when the main character wins an epic battle and DOESNT get credit for it or even recognized for what he/she just went through or (and im counting this as the same sort of thing) the main hero wins a battle that no one else could do but still gets treated like an idiot. Examples for these, Memory loss - Teknoman, may be an old series but still a good one but the series kinda took a bad turn then he lost memory after each fight. Doesnt get the respect or recognition Bleach - Ichigo beats Renji, Kenpachi, Byakuya and even gets told hes the savior of the soul society and thats only the first Arc and then in the next arc, Gets told to stay out of the fight and leave it to the others.. people he beat and therefore is clearly better than lol. For the naruto references, I've only seen up to shippuden 152 i think it is so if they make references back to these events at a later episode then I will retract these but still, these are only from the Naruto series which was 220 episodes. Naruto - Naruto uses his fox powers to beat Haku...sakura tells everyone it was thanks to kakashi... Naruto stops Gaara from destroying the villiage, no one gives a crap about that lol ( this one was during the chunin exams too, they could have atleast gone "Oh you saved the F*cking village, maybe we will let you be a chunin." also scumbag leaf village... Naruto saves them multiple times, even beats multiple akatsuki members and spends two or three years training with the pervy sage. They still wont upgrade him from Genin level ninja.
  6. Hello, I have always watched anime in Dub as I just prefer it but sometimes it can take so long for it to get released that I'm considering switching and to start watching in subbed, im wondering what people think. For example, I've watched Naruto and Naruto shippuden up to ....174 or something (the pain fight) .. in dubbed, would it be wierd to start watching the rest in subbed?
  7. Hi, The dubbed version of this was released in US a few days ago in theatre or something and i was wondering if anyone knows when it might appear online to download?
  8. Thanks for the info, By any chance do you know when It might get dubbed? I've only heard good things about it lol
  9. Hi It's been 3 or 4 years since I watched anime and decided to start watching again I normally watch two series at a time and just finished the current two shows I was watching, I wanted to check out Log horizon because I heard it was good but I don't think its been dubbed yet ( could be wrong) I'm going to watch Sword art Online and 2 other series but just need help picking something to watch, My favorite shows are, DN Angel Blackcat Bleach Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Dragon ball Z Full metal alchemist Brotherhood Kyo Kara Maoh! High school of the dead I was thinking of checking out Ghost Hunt. Since Sao is, I guess action and such, I was hoping for one thriller/supernatual and the other to be something funny.
  10. That didn't work, It still happens and I don't use that name anymore :\
  11. my internet is fine, Not having any internet issues in anything else :\
  12. No idea why but seconds after logging onto it, I get "Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)" error then it makes me change my name again and again and again....... It's really making it hard to want to keep trying to use your irc downloads :\
  13. wow thanks Changed it and now its working so far
  14. Hi, for the past couple of days, I have been trying to download some anime but Hexchat won't let me.... I connect to Kametsu network thing and after about 3 seconds, I get a message saying that I've been disconnected and reconnected under a different name, Sometimes its "Guest" with a bunch of numbers and if It gives me Guest, I then get kicked off by someone. If it gives me a name that isn't Guest, I will get about three more seconds before it tells me i've been disconnected and reconnected again with a different name. This repeats until I end up with the name Guest which leads to me being kicked agian..... I managed to get a whole 10 minutes today before being disconnected where I asked someone about it and they suggested making a post here for someone more experienced with Hexchat that may be able to help. So if someone could please help me with this issue, I would be gratefull
  15. Hey girl did you like your secret santa gift? :D

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