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The World God Only Knows


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Ok so I have recently been watching a couple of odd animes, and among that list comes one called "The World God Only Knows".

Now for those of you note familiar with the series I will give a quick recap here.

The main character is a boy, Kagurastu, who is your ultimate date sim player. He begins the series happily bragging at having now conquered 10,000 girls in the game world. With the handle name of God of Conquest, he brags of being able to conquer any girl. As such he gets a message inquiring if he honestly believes he can and to be sure before he accepts. Taking this as a challenge he accidently signs a contract with the demon girl elsie. On the goal of capturing loose souls. The only way to get these loose souls out of the girl is for their heart to be filled with love for him. As proof he must recieve a kiss from the girl. Armed with comically magical powers and the ability to change the world around her. Elsie helps kagurastu in "conquering" the hearts of these girls.

ok so was curious who else has seen this series and their thoughts on it.

I personally find it to be a bit of a relief as the main character is a beyond hardcore gamer. Who in effect got roped into the situation he is in.

The humor between him and the contracted demon girl is far from the perverted you would expect the series to have based on the theme, but instead keeps it mostly clean, and less on the commonly run down path.

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Yeah I watched the sub. version when it came out. I really liked it because it was anime/videogames. I'm also a sucker for love stuff. I liked the second season more than the first because it became harder to get the girls and they had more dimensions than the S1 girls who were mostly one dimensional.

I hope there's a S3, because that ED at the end of S2 would be for nothing!

Also I like Haqua's scythe


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