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  1. coffeeNiK

    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    Lost my job today and instead of getting angry and ranting as I usually would, I feel a bit of maturity set in and I'm honestly happy it's over. It doesn't matter that I spent so much of my time in that job...it doesn't matter that I sacrificed so much of my mentality and my health for that job....what matters is I chose to make a decision that cost me my job and I regret nothing because I was right in making my decision. It's their loss that they went the other direction. Nothing they did in the space of the last 5 days were a sign of good faith and i am glad to be out of the crosshairs. Tomorrow I make a trip to the office to return my laptop and my cardkey and I eagerly await the false faces and false wishes of their respect and send offs.
  2. So i'm officially out of a job now. Great stuff...give that company all i had for 2 years and they don't even care to fight for me. Cools.

    1. Dark_Angel13


      They didn't appreciate all the work you did because they were too fucking blind so screw them man, you deserve better anyway

    2. Kinara Uzumaki

      Kinara Uzumaki

      I'm sorry to hear that Coffee! I sure hope you get a better place that realizes your worth^^^^^

  3. So my job contract officially expires today....have a lot of thinking to do.... T_T

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    2. Emotional Outlet
    3. coffeeNiK
    4. poetictragedy


      I had a 1-year job contract, and when it expired, they were just like, "So bye, I guess." And now I have the job I have now, whoo hoo. /sarcasm. Still looking for that perfect (or at least pretty okay) job, man.

  4. coffeeNiK

    fire in your house / what do you grab?

    Exactly... To this theme song! www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9jwXUITbtU
  5. coffeeNiK

    Random Talk.

    And Phones are soooo expensive. It's like do i need a fridge? Or a phone? Nah f**k the fridge...i'll buy a good phone and order out. lolol
  6. coffeeNiK

    How was your day today?

    Woke up at 4, feeling a bit refreshed. Got some bad news at work and I'm quietly sitting at my desk being a Paragon of hardwork. lol
  7. Shingeki episode 12. I honestly think I'm going to stop until at least 20 episodes are out. I can't take this week-long suspense.
  8. Nah dude. Just make sure to stay to get a Sentry and you are literally...invincible.
  9. coffeeNiK

    What we can learn from anime?

    Cool topic. I learnt that reality sucks There's not a moment that could pass where I wouldn't wish the world was anime. Now which anime, that's subjective to me when I wish for it. : )
  10. coffeeNiK

    How's the weather where you are?

    We've shifted into the rainy season. So it's boiling hot and then heavy downpour for a bit after..then back out to the heat. It's absolutely devastating and uncomfortable.
  11. coffeeNiK

    How was your day today?

    Couldn't sleep last night. A slight dose of insomnia. Felt tired all day...and these headaches. So painful..so unnerving.
  12. coffeeNiK

    Random Talk.

    My phone's beginning to act up. It's a pain the ass...
  13. coffeeNiK

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed Spartacus and I already watched all seasons of GoT lol. I only caught up with the new season of Spartacus because when it released I was more into Bates Motel at the time. Now that that's over it was a refreshing change of pace to watch the violence.
  14. coffeeNiK

    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    Headaches Headaches Headaches