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  1. Wow. This new Fairy Tail chapter is something else.

  2. Touhou....on ESPN. I cannot believe my eyes. https://youtu.be/KIq9f3kW1cA

  3. Well in regards to fanservice it can vary. For example, right now I'm watching Highschool DxD Born. That series is notorious for being fanservice heaven. But I particularly don't mind, because I'm not watching it for the fanservice. At first, fanservice served as a form of...excitement. But now it's more of amusement than anything else. I'm not turned on by bouncing cowtitlers or random echii yuri moments. Not at all. I find those moments pretty gosh darn hilarious. I pay more attention to the plot. And if fanservice serves a good purpose, that is to accelerate the plot rather than eskew it, then it's allright. If these fanservice elements get in the way, however, then the series is lost. It becomes painfully obvious what the motive of the anime is, to generate money for the companies involved in its production, as Qrazed mentioned. I know that in the end commercial anime is all about making a profit but if generating that profit requires to throw the story in to the wind, then you have lost me as a customer. So yeah, fanservice has its reasons. Sometimes its pointless, sometimes its humorous, and other times its exciting. So as long as it doesn't kill the plot then I'm okay with it.
  4. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojQz0dWAB-U
  5. Had some BK Chicken Fries today. Not the most ideal dinner but it's been a long time since I've had myself some of these. I forgot how delicious they were, considering it's fast food. I missed them.
  6. Currently I'm on the Highschool DxD Born train. The fanservice is real!! But really, I enjoy it for its tidbits of drama that come and go. As for other anime, I've been lagging so far behind the past few seasons. I'll probably pick up one or two more but my general interest in anime these days has dropped significantly. More than likely it's just me not looking for the right shows is all. Hopefully it'll pass soon.
  7. ∀ll ʎonɹ ɟouʇ ɐɹǝ qǝlouƃ ʇo ʞɐɯǝʇsn

  8. I've gotten addicted to this trance song I found on Armada. [spoiler]http://youtu.be/gIQS9uUVmgk The album art inspired me to recreate it as a wallpaper. Except now it has Touhou's kookiest denizen as the main character.
  9. 597555 555.....remind's me of those old 555 deals Domino's used to have. I don't think they do anymore, well at least in my local Domino's they don't. :/
  10. Can somebody tell me what this is? I mean, I know what it is. My eyes can see it but my mind just can't comprehend the amount of "wat?" that's present. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatoful_Boyfriend

    1. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      Ah, that's the game I really want to play!

      So a while ago I did some looking up on the story, so...

      The world is in a post apocoliptic state, human society is in rubles and humans now brave the wild like animals. The radiation from the incedent that turned the world this way effected the birds, and now birds have inteligence that is that of humans, and thus birds created a whole society much like how humans used to live in. The main character is a human girl who tries to liv...

    2. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      Live in the society that the birds created. Then the weird enterspeices dating sim part starts, with her trying to woo a veriety of different birds, that or she can decide to try to take over the world instead.

      This game was originaly a joke, not meant to be a real game but more like an april fools, but people thought it was real and got a whole lot of reception, so she turned it into a real videogame.

      It sounds weird and funny, so I have been meaning to play it.

    3. professa X

      professa X

      That is a disturbing game. Its pushing the whole indiscrimination of love

  11. This is probably the best video I've seen all day: http://youtu.be/rNdM8cFuOXg

    1. Moodkiller


      Guy on the left is the best!

  12. These past few weeks have not been good towards spaceflight and video games. From exploding rockets to Sonic Boom. What is going on?

    1. Tanis


      Batman: [to John Jones] And one other thing, I'm not sure what you are or where you come from. But my instincts tell me you're to be trusted. Make no mistake, I have a $70,000 sliver of a radioactive meteor to stop the one from Metropolis. All I need for you is a penny for a book of matches.

  13. I will always remember Courage the Cowardly Dog for the funny/scary things but the episode "Last of the Starmakers"....that is pure emotional gold right there!! I literally cry every time. It's just so touching and sad. Oh man..

    1. iBreaker


      Oh, God why did you have to remind me that episode?? :'( :'( I cry like a little baby every time I see it!! :( Speaking of sad moments you might also add this: ''Remembrance of Courage Past''! :'(

    2. Kenzou


      I remember that episode it was straight emotional ride but I didn't cry

  14. I'm not much of a football watcher but this...this is laughably embarrassing: http://youtu.be/KNkHfiD-ojU

  15. Hate to burst your bubble there buddy but it's finally ended, with a rather surprising double chapter release: http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/699 http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/700 Well guys. The journey is over. After 15 long years, this manga has finally come to an end. I know that all of us, myself included, have our fair share of criticisms of the story in this manga but for what it's worth, it was damn awesome!! The ending, specifically chapter 700, pretty much nailed what everyone was expecting. Naruto finally became Hokage, after Kakashi of course. Everyone is grown up, have gotten married, and have children and all of that jazz. Speaking of children: I'll assume that Sasuke's and Sakura's daughter's name is...well. It's like the Bills/Beerus thing. Lol, do you want a Salad with your Uchiha? That aside, her facial features are a good mix of her parents, although they seem to lean more towards her father. God, I love her look on the bottom right panel. And here's another one: No, I'm not talking about Naruto and Hinata's daughter, although I approve of the design but Lee's student/son/whatever he is. Lol, funny as heck!! Now, speaking of Naruto's family, there's this guy: Bolt huh? The Naruto wikia names him Boruto which sounds more fitting, like his father's name. But even so, I can't help but think of this guy when I hear that name: Sasuke has leaned more towards the Indra/Madara look, because, well, he's Indra after all: As for the eponymous protagonist of the series, let's see here: Looks like Trollmoto is giving us one final goodbye. They should've named the chapter Obito Uzumaki!! lol. But seriously, he does have a stark resemblance to Obito, although that's already been made well aware. I could go on forever digging into the details but I think I'll leave it here. It would seem that Naruto the Movie: The Last is going to be set before this chapter, like, several years. As for the follow-up manga, I'm not so sure. That may go into more details about what happened in the time skip between the end of the war and the movie or the movie and this chapter, or maybe all of it. We'll see.
  16. >http://youtu.be/yt7jgcKCuFM I've been listening this on repeat for the last hour or so. The solemn piano gets me everytime. Starting at 2:20 in the video. It's so euphoric, majestic and downright trancy. I love it!!
  17. I've been watching Let's Plays of Five Nights at Freddy's. All I can say is.....F*CK THAT SH*T!!!

    1. SenshiKeizu


      Watch the one by Pixel Brains.

      The guy gave up in part 2 XD

  18. Magus Night. I don't know why I keep coming back to this one. Before I discovered Touhou, I found this gem while browsing through anime songs and stuff back in 2012 (except the following video was uploaded in 2014, the song was released in 2011). The Rokugen Alice remix is quite frankly one of my top favorite vocal Touhou mixes that I've heard to this day. There is just no other theme that could describe Marisa Kirisame as good as Magus Night and its subsequent remixes. Great!! >http://youtu.be/_qCQCDF5dig
  19. For some reason, the word Americanese keeps popping up in my mind today. I don't get it. :/

  20. >http://youtu.be/GX4-axshDII This is why I enjoy trance. It's so nice finding these types of uplifiting tunes. It's so relaxing, but above all it creates a nice euphoric, atmospheric feeling in me. Great!!!
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