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  1. Still playing Toradora Portable and getting the Ending of Kanou Sumire

  2. Metamorphosis

    SOTW #162: Fairy Tail [Closed!]

    Sicka Limitless Linkin Park
  3. Metamorphosis

    SOTW #147: Knights [CLOSED]

    Kouhai - nice render match on the week theme Firedogx10 - great as usual Tsukumo Yuma- its new to see this kind of render...
  4. Success! I finally finish playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister

  5. Metamorphosis

    SOTW #147: Knights [CLOSED]

    Here's mine Theme: School Girls
  6. Metamorphosis

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I'm much prefer english dubbing because sometime I watch it and distracted even if I'm not looking at I know what were they talking about that...
  7. Metamorphosis

    Hitsugi no Chaika Discussion [Serious Spoilers]

    3 days to go for chaika's episode release i can't wait for the episode 6 to release..maybe frederica will appear on that episode...
  8. Metamorphosis

    Hitsugi no Chaika Discussion [Serious Spoilers]

    the master of the frederica is somewhat similar to..........I remember the protagonist girl in monster princess...I think they look alike....
  9. Metamorphosis

    Hitsugi no Chaika Discussion [Serious Spoilers]

    that picture chaika of yours in the spoiler is the front picture of the light novel...FREDERICA AND CHAIKA WERE SO CUTE... :3
  10. Metamorphosis

    SOTW #144: Kimono [Closed!]

    ParasiteEve Firedogx10 dn_angel000
  11. Metamorphosis

    Hitsugi no Chaika Discussion [Serious Spoilers]

    Well frederica she is able to use magic..With her being an dragoon she has an ability to shape shift.... Im just wondering how many chaika's are there exist.. In episode 5 Cat...scratch...Toru's face..went to town..I guess frederica went to town and goofing around.(There it happens that they meet chaika clone )Bandits...ambush...vehicle..destroyed..frederica nowhere to be found
  12. Metamorphosis

    [Request Shop] dn_angel000's HD Sigs [REBOOT]

    Could you make me a signature...I only want is to make her blink http://s1124.photobucket.com/user/denmark6116/media/Shiro_Stock.png.html signature size: 600x220 background: its up to you what do you think will be the best image type:.gif text: none THANK YOU in ADVANCE
  13. Metamorphosis

    Who's your Favorite anime Villains?

    Uchiha Obito is my favorite villain too..
  14. Metamorphosis

    Last Manga You Read

    The last manga I read is Baby Steps v23 chapter 214.. The manga of The world god only knows has just been finished a few weeks ago...
  15. Metamorphosis

    Most overpowered main character?

    In my point of view i think Ross of Senyu his ability he can do whatever he want on his magic...