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i am a new member


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See the bottom of each thread, there is a lovely box where you can type in your replies. You need to post fifteen non spam posts, posts in the seed hallway board and the forum games board will not count towards these fifteen posts. After that, you will be upgraded and able to see the download section. Please remember that this is a community forum though, so its not just for downloading and is for chatting with other users. Also remember to say thanks when you do download. For other questions, either ask me or the staff, or look at the FAQ here

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hmm well ya could write a story in the Art and Literature section

or write up a review of an anime you'v watched in the Recommendations & Reviews section

or talk bout a game you'v recently played in the Gaming Realm section

anyway i hope this helps if ya want any more suggestions just post a message in the visitor messages part of my profile ^^

see ya around XD

(btw i sent you a copy of this post to ya private message box)

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Uh dude just to let you know, your post count is 0, meaning you cannot gain a postcount in the SeeD Hallwayy or Forum Games. I also have to say, please stop spamming the forums. it is a community forum and everybody enjoys it more when spammers/leechers don't spam their community forum. =/

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