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Forum is back up, explained.


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After many problems with our host, I decided that we needed to move as soon as possible, and a good friend decided to help us do so. So well I got everything transferred to his hosting but for some odd reason the forum refused to work correctly when trying to setup the configuration to work on his MySQL server.

After a lot of tries and even talking to his host, and the vBulletin support team, we still had no luck. However somehow Azurius managed to get the forum working. So everyone please thank him!

Some of the modifications seem to be disabled like the shoutbox, rpg, and top stats... but I'm looking into it and hopefully will have it fixed.

Please tell everyone you know that we are back up and running and to come visit us!

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The domain transfer for GRANDIA-ONLINE.NET has finally been completed.

It was the only domain I had by my old host.. and it was a hassle to get transferred to another registrar. They kept denying the requests and stuff then lying and saying they didn't. But Go Daddy got it taken care of.

So anyways, I've now set GO's nameservers to this host.. hopefully the domain will be working here in 24 hours.

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