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  1. wishing you a very happy birthday

  2. Rawkstar

    Cheating. (No not on games.)

    Cheating is definitely wrong and I don't understand why people do it. It would hurt me so much if someone cheated on me, I would feel useless and emotionless. I mean the thought of someone having a fling with someone is a bullet to my heart. Would I forgive him? That depends on how our relationship is. I believe in second chances, 3rd strike it's time to kick your a$$ lol. If I commit and trust our relationship I believe neither of us shouldn't be cheating. Cheating is a crime xD
  3. Rawkstar

    Brings Back Memories of the 90's.

    Ahhhhh I remember all that stuff. I was born in 1988 so yeah this makes me a 90's kid. haha I'll never forget when Yo-Yo's were so popular. I remember being in elementary school and like everyone had Yo-Yo's and I wanted one to be cool haha. I remember getting this book to do Yo-Yo tricks. I was pretty good lol. I remember the cartoons, toys and video games. Man, time just flew by so FAST. I feel bad for this generation =/
  4. Rawkstar

    What Do You Plan To Do This Summer?

    Hmm, let's see: 1. Spend time with this guy I'm seeing. 2. Takes some classes for something 3. Hopefully get a job =/ 4. Just have fun. That's about it but number one is going to be the best summer xD
  5. Rawkstar


    Indeed a wonderful place to be xD Have fun and post around =)
  6. Rawkstar

    Foreign Language

    Let's see *ponders* I can obviously speak English also American Sign Language which was fun learning and pretty easy. I've been teaching myself to learn Japanese. It's hard yes but It's actually fun. Same as your reason not because of anime or anything I just love the sound the pronunciation lol. It's beautiful to my ears haha and just overall I love the culture and lifestyle. I definitely want to visit Japan one day. It's always been my dream. After that it would be Spanish, Korean, French haha. I wanna learn a lot of language xD
  7. Rawkstar

    What Are You Downloading Right Now?

    The Sims 3: Ambitious I can't wait to play it and finally control your sims at work! AWESOME!!
  8. Rawkstar

    McDonalds Goes Gay

    SBuKuA9nHsw&feature=player_embedded Source | http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93724?fp=1
  9. Rawkstar

    Count to 100,000

  10. Rawkstar

    Gender Bits!

    I didn't know this feature was up. Awesome, my favorite feature haha.
  11. Rawkstar

    Do you smoke weed?

    Nope nor drink too. I just don't wanna like toxic my body haha. I care about my health so much.
  12. Rawkstar

    1 Post to see Downloads

    Should be 10 post lol. I dislike ungrateful people just shows how selfish they are. There's been a lot of work put into this wonderful site so I hope people stay as a family =)
  13. Rawkstar

    Triple Triad Mod?

    Hai. Go for it, take your time. I loved Triple Traid Mod in Final Fantasy VIII and yes I'll play it =)
  14. Rawkstar

    Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII

    haha I want this game well obviously I'm a huge fan of the FF series. I don't care if reviews say the game is too linear. I'm sure the storyline is brilliant and the gameplay doesn't seem too bad. I do hope you can explore a lot and whatnot but doubt that is the case lol oh well I hope Square has learned from their mistakes and make the next one even better! I want a mini-game zone like the one in Gold Saucer in FF7.
  15. Rawkstar

    Child's Play Remake?

    Interesting. I used to be afraid of Chuckie when I was younger lol I'm definitely looking forward to watching this but something tells me it might be bad lmao.