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  1. Happy Birthday Azirius! Enjoy, and thanks again. ^.^

  2. Yo, have a nice one, mate

  3. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ^.^

  4. Yay! Things seem to be running smoothly! Glad I could be of assistance! Even if it took a decade to get things working correctly!
  5. Well, I *could* host you, but you'd only have FTP access no control panel access. Dunno if you are one of the people who would want to risk being hosted on Dreamhost, lol, but I wouldn't make you pay for using my space & bandwidth. If those others don't get in touch, just say, 'kay? :]
  6. Good to see your site is back up Koby. I have kept coming back now and again to see if you were up and about again, but I haven't been doing so of late. That is really poor about your host receiving complaints of spam, Members can be so... spiteful at times, but I can't see many of your members (at least the regulars) being so malicious. But at least you are back up and know the issue, it's better than going off-line and not knowing if there is anything you can do on your end to resolve the matter, though I'm sure this may have cost you some visitors thinking your site had just disappeared! Also, I seem to find the site somewhat slow loading and sometimes not even loading at all... Any reason for this? (I had a very similar issue at one point, I contacted my host and they rebooted the Apache thing... which I believe runs things like .htaccess)
  7. Azirius


    Well, its better late than never : )
  8. Why is Byakuya going in to kiss Rukia? :| Unless that's the Sister? Which I hope it is... lol. Anyway, welcome to the forums
  9. I thought it was an awful lot better than the previous three films, however I was disappointed at the fact that Naruto didn't go Kyubi at any point! I was pleased to see drunken Lee though That was good!
  10. Azirius


    @Koby: I will do that! But knowing me, it'll be a while before any of my sites becomes a site that you will visit and can say "Wow, I'm so glad I came here" Thanks Arthain :]
  11. @Shade: Bah, you are only 17, I'm 19 (but 20 this year :'( I am officially leaving the tean years ). Anyway, I, Azirius, welcome you, Akara69 to this lovely forum! :] I hope you have an interesting time and make lots of friends with the forumites X]
  12. Man, I was unable to get on the internet for a couple of days, tried everything I could think of, repairing my connection, re-installing my wireless connection stuff, reset the router! And in the end... it was just a loose cable at the back of my router :\ Darn it! Got the email updates, like the new shot box! :]
  13. Azirius


    Well, you never know, someone might need that knowledge for something... not sure what though! Thanks for the warm welcome guys
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