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Man do i feel old ><


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well im back again this time im going to try really hard to stick aroudn rofl

but dont try to hole me to it xD

new name eh?

man do i feel old i was here back when DF had jsut turned into FM and now a new name change....


anyway for those of you who dont knwo me xD

which i barely see any familiar names..

My real name is i am 16 now [ill by 17 in two months]

and jsut to clear thsi up for the millionth time yes im gothic or punk or whatever u wish to clal me i just like black f*** you if you dont like it xP

anyway i like video games rpgs audition and music

and naime and manga and bleach and comicbooks and gambit and .......

it goes on for enternity anywayz trying to stick aroudn this time


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W00t! Its the Shade xD. Welcome back.

Hmm bernie said she left most likely for good though shinji.. :/

Hey I was around since Yugioh City.. *cough* goes further back *cough*... erm.. Kaiba's Millennium Club..

which later turned into Dark Fantasy RPG then into Dark Fantasy.. then to Forgotten Memories. =O

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