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Generic Introduction


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Just to get this out of the way...

* How did you find Forgotten Memories?

I was searching the net for Shadow Hearts' fansites, just out of boredom. I found this place, and decided to register. Again, out of boredom.

* What RPG's have you played?

I've played tons. There aren't many RPGs pre-PS2 era that I haven't played.

* What RPG's do you like?

I prefer traditional RPGs and RPGs that deal with horror and/or the supernatural.

* What RPG's have you beaten?

I'd say about 60-70% of what I've played.

* Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have?

Yeah, but I rarely mess with graphics so I'm not too good. But I use Photoshop 7.

* Do you have any questions?


...also tell how you like the forum, and whether or not you will be active.

Honestly, this place needs some more styles/skins. Not really found of Default, but it's better than the softblue. Other than that, everything else seems fine. Can't really decide right this moment.

As for activity, depends.


So... hi. o.O

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Hello William, thanks for filling all that out... most people don't bother with it. It's just a nice suggestion though to give something to introduce to. =P Nice to meet you, and my name is Koby. It's true, we just recently bought the vB license and I haven't found any skin I really liked that was free so I am working on my own skin.

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