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  1. I suggest a colour scheme, with the admins having the lightest colour, and mods/site staff (if those actually have a usergroup on here) with the darkest. If you go for a dark themed skin (as I've been suggesting since the forums' reopening) I suggest going with a blue colour scheme for the usergroups. Maybe a cross of blue and green, depending on the usegroup. Just throwing ideas out there. ;p
  2. Exodus


    Welcome an' shit.
  3. Ah, even better idea, tbh. It could be stickied wherever forum/site announcements/updates are posted.
  4. Add a legend to the 'users online' that will show which colours are for which usergroup. I know you can check forum leaders for that, but how many people actually check that? Plus this would be for added convenience and new members won't be confused as to what colour is which type of staffer.
  5. Rock mainly, but to be more specific, classic rock. Shit like Zepplin and Iron Maiden takes a good portion of my PSP's memory stick.
  6. Exodus


    Welcome to the boards an' shit.
  7. It actually does look pretty good, tbh. I like the text and the grunge look is pretty cool. It'd help more if I knew who that character is. D:
  8. Exodus

    Adobe Photoshop CS3

    There's not that much of a difference, not to me anyway. I prefer CS3, I'll say that much. If you want, I could show you a screen shot.
  9. Battle system was a bit slow at the start, but the more you levelled up, the faster the gauge loaded. Towards the end of the game, my characters were executing attacks almost instantly. Well, Ashe's were instant, but others were damn close it.
  10. Exodus

    4 word story

    Wario saved the day.
  11. Exodus

    Count to 100,000

    212 Dammit Koby, remove the character limit!
  12. Exodus


    I liked the Anime until after Orange Islands. I still believe they should have gotten at the very least a sidequest in one of the games.
  13. Exodus

    Adobe Photoshop CS3

    I got CS3 a few days ago. It's not that much different than CS2 but it does appear to be a bit more organised and cleaner. I wasn't too happy about spending thirty minutes for only 464 megs to download, but it was worth it in the end. Not that much improved from CS2, far more improved than CS2, in my opinion.
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