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Applied updates to the forum, some new features listed. [05/18/18]


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You may have noticed the forum was in maintenance mode in the wee morning hours today. This was because I was applying software updates to the forum to enhance security and user experience.


  • We now have full support for emoji's in the editor, and you can even change skin-tones if you so desire. 🤘🏼
  • When entering a search term, members now see a more clear interface so they know what areas they are searching in and the method of search. ⏳
  • Announcements system overhaul. Now global on all pages (not via widget) and new modes including dismissible announcements and top-header floating bar option. 🗞️
  • Member cover photos can now be clicked to see the full image. 🧗🏼‍♀️
  • Any item with a poll now has a symbol on the list view. 🍫
  • Twitch.tv embed support. 🤮
  • Moderators now have the ability to add a new reply via the quick reply box as "hidden" from the get go, to help with moderation management. 🧕🏼


We now have the  Google Invisible reCAPTCHA which allows us to help mitigate/prevent bot registrations without the need for all users to fill out the normal captcha process. As often as possible users who're trying to register their account will never notice there is even a captcha happening on the page. It's another way to make the flow from guest to member easier.


Most of the updates you won't notice because they're more for the backend for moderators and staff this go around, but they include some big changes in member management systems.


Themes have all been updated to support the new system. This cost $50 to renew all the theme subscriptions, so if you'd like to donate to recoup server funds so that we don't fall below the safe threshold where we end up having to announce funds are low, nows the time. As always we appreciate your support, and we're glad you all enjoy this wonderful community and all the friends and "family" we've gained through the years. It wouldn't have been worth it, without you all. 🏩


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Unmentioned feature, email notifications now come with a "You might also be interested in..." section below the body in every email, even if it's from the same thread. 


Is there a way you or the user can turn it off? It suggests the same content everytime and makes the emails longer than they should be...  Especially when viewing them on mobile :/






Thanks for the updates. 


Edit: Thanks to @Catar and @Koby for fixing this!!!

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