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Tona-Gura! Manga DDL

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    • By CopenHom
      Let's discuss about east asian lossless music distribution methods. I myself is currently focused for Japanese music and I am getting disappointed much because of unavailability of what I look for. I know,  people will say jps is the best place. But they are not. Bunch of fraud guys there uploads lossy to lossless transcodes. Their administration panel is somewhat reluctant to this. In my experience, mods are hobbyist and immature of musical taste. Furthermore there is a bad tradition of sharing flac files without eac documents. Reputed community like Red,Gcs,Apl,Wfl are strict about this. But they are nothing next to specialized on Japanese music, I don't expect either. My personal interest is classical jp music from last century, rare records and indie/alt bands . Hilarious enough jps waste money on silly girly groups. It is soul sickening. I am aware that Japanese themselves use p2p clients like pd,share,utatane, winny but none of them seems to be handy for music. I would really like to know if there's anything else.
      For chinese music I heard about ocd. I will check them out soon. For now, I am less interested in kpop. But like to know about it. nyaa,bk,u2 has some music, but they are mostly anime related.  Let me know your thoughts and TIA
    • By Decked
      I want something ongoing with 100+ chapters... I enjoy thriller/action or any romance? Preferable something with no anime adaptation out at least to this date. 
    • By rezw4n
      So recently I finished watching Masamune Kun No Revenge season 1 and can't wait for next season no more and so I was looking for some good sites where you can read manga.
    • By cysearo
      Hi, I am new user here and am new to manga and anime in general. Something which has always bothered me is the disparity between the manga and the anime in some particular series. How do you decide if you want to read the manga or watch the anime if you have an option? I guess what I'm really asking is what factors do you consider before making the decision?
    • By AliAlou
      I very much enjoy action romances and the first season of Yona of the Dawn certainly delivered. Has there been an official announcement of sorts regarding the future of the series? A second season perhaps? Apparently there is enough source material from the manga for the animators to go off of and I would hate it if they chose not to renew the show.