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Sony buys Funimation


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2 hours ago, DabDeity710 said:

So is Funi gonna be even less reliable now?xD


If you read the FAQ like I said to, you would see that THEY said nothing changes on their end. The ONLY change is they have a new parent company who owns majority stake now. That's it. Nothing else. It is very easy to deduce that things like video quality, streaming quality, and the like will not be affected, nor will the shows Funimation picks up to Simuldub be affected. They still make all their own decisions and retain their current staff and company structure including right up to the CEO and back down to the voice actors and such.


So relax. It's not doomsday for anime. It just means its reach goes further now.

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On 8/4/2017 at 9:55 AM, PTHero said:

With Sony taking the majority of the shares, why not let Funimation make animes possibly from PS4 exclusives?


But Funimation is not an animation studio.

If they did starting producing original titles, it wouldnt be considered anime.

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