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  1. Hopefully this year?




    Also, has there been any announcements for No Game No life: Zero?



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    2. NeutralHatred


      There's no such thing as decent cam audio. It is literally impossible. I mean, unless the theater is empty and you have mics right next to all the speakers.

    3. RyanEsau


      Well, I'd consider this cam audio great (for being cam audio). There isn't any annoying ringtones going off or people talking aloud disrupting the movie. Everyone's quiet aside from laughing at the couple of funny scenes (I saw it like a TV Show laugh track. I'm not fond of them but they don't ruin the experience.). There was a few other noises but they were barely picked up by the recorder (barely could hear) and didn't disrupt the dialogue. Able to hear the movie/dialogue just fine. The only thing I'd really fault it for is sync which I can understand being a deal breaker for some who might get triggered by the slightest of out of sync lip sync. So I still recommend it if you anyone wants to go ahead and watch. I'd never watch a cam recording but cam audio over JPBD (assuming decent audio like this) is very watchable.

    4. Inverti


      ....no. Just no, Ryan. I have standards, and I don't want to hear a bunch of people laughing when it's not from the actual track. Not to mention that cam audio is an illegal source. I refuse to support illegally recorded audio, much less one that is of absolutely appalling quality. So NH is right - there is no such thing as good cam audio.

  2. In that case, you should try Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu its just like you said everything else except the mecha scenes if you have not seen it you should give it a try.
  3. As always an answer to a question before I could post it. Thanks man.
  4. Count to 100,000

  5. Im a dub watcher myself and i dont mind toggling between the subs for a few lines so the missing dialogue in the signs track wouldn't be an issue for me. I was asking because its easier for me to get it via torrent or file host over XDCC. I currently have Coalgirls for S1 and Kametsu for S2 (all three cours) and i was looking for something that would be an improvement over what i have. Torrent is out of the question since QC and all what about gdrive maybe?
  6. Gundam Recommendation

    Thanks, i will definitely be checking out MSG: 08th MS Team.
  7. https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=[CTR] durarara Is this only available on XDCC or is there any other way to get this one? Maybe a torrent or file host perhaps.
  8. Can someone help me decide what to watch over the weekend?


    I've wanted to watch both of these shows for quite a while now and they both seem to be almost similar in ratings and number of episodes, specials and both have Kametsu releases. Since this being a long weekend i can finish off all seasons available for either one.

                               Black Butler                                                                                         













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    2. Catar


      Highly recommend Durarara, but it's also by far the longest of the selections you put up (65 episodes total for S01+S02+specials). Amazing dub and super fun to watch though. It's not actually done though, so if you're hoping for a complete story there's probably still more Drrr to come.


      Parasyte's also quite good. I didn't like Terror in Resonance though. Eden of the East starts off very strong, then gets super weird and the conclusion movies were pretty weak.

    3. Koby


      Eden of the East and Terror in Resonance are both really nice watches. If you haven't seen Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 watch it. It's one of my favorite anime ever and it's similar to Eden of the East, etc.


      Anyhow, I never watched Black Butler, didn't seem like something I'd enjoy. While Durarara!! I've only seen the first season. I'll be reworking all three cours of the second season while I watch them to ensure all Russian dialogue is kept in the signs track and that everything is fixed up, so we can finally consider it done. Then I'll go back and fix up season 1 subs.

    4. Catar


      Koby, no, stop. It's too dangerous. You're already on the verge of internet death. Watching it might kill you D:



      (but yeah that would be great thx <3)

  9. As someone who has never seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 but wants to get into it and a fan of the mecha genre in general, I was planning on watching a couple of Gundam shows and movies since i could complete them easily and also had considerable recommendations. I wanted to an opinion if i could actually watch the following to get a glimpse of the Gundam universe and also since them being small in length and also like i said since i have not seen the original or any of the undam shows for that matter. I did read up a little on the premise in general. 1. Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower 2. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Thanks in Advance.
  10. K (K Project) Best Releases

    Can you share the movie? And also where do i find the Abi release? As for the [A-C] do you mean [AC] of the Kametsu team? Edit: Or rather just the audio and subs would do. I'll mux them to Beatrice's video. I can get that.
  11. Can some one tell me the best releases so far for the K anime project. Both seasons and the movie. Any Dual Aduio release would do 720p or 1080p is fine. The second season is listed in the sheet and XTdk was supposed to be doing it but i think its stalled for now last i checked. 1. K 2. K: Missing Kings 3. K: Return of Kings
  12. Twelve minutes per episode is just not enough time for Hotaru 







    Oh well, at least there was a second season.

    1. NeutralHatred


      That series bored me to pieces. I barely got through half of the first season. It was all product placement and talking about snacks I have never heard of.

    2. shamil11


      the second season has been good, short eps notwithstanding. not sure where they're going with


      the current no-Hotaru arc, obviously return aside.

      the new part-timer is ... interesting.

    3. manc4life


      Yeah, you're right its is full of product placements and I had no idea what they were talking about either not a single snack. I happen to like the VA who played Hotaru. 

  13. I did go through a couple of posts before posting. I was not sure which to get Coalgirls or CBM or Cman (don't remember what i saw) as both were mentioned. I narrowed down Soul Eater Not but not the original yet. Thanks for the info.
    1. Koby


      So are they not gonna add the rest until the Blu-ray? Cause the Blu-rays come out in a few months as well.

    2. manc4life


      I think they might add the rest sometime before the second part Blu Ray comes out.

    3. Inverti


      Ahhhhhhh, frick. Aniplex, when will you learn? If it's a 12 EP series, just release it in a single set already. Geez.

  14. Can someone tell me which is the best Dual Audio release available for Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not preferably in 720p and