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  1. Funimation's October releases look awesome






    The Testament of Sister New Devil


    Relife and



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      ORANGE!!!!!! Very excited. 

    3. Inverti


      D Gray Man S3, Testament of New Sister Devil (S1-S2) and Space Patrol Lulu are the ones that I am looking forward to the most. 

    4. DabDeity710


      I thought Space Dandy BD was already out?

  2. Ricky Horror is also doing the show if you're interested Episode 1
  3. 7485
  4. My Hero Academia S2 if it can be counted cause its still airing or WorldEnd (SukaSuka)
  5. Yes there are links to patches in the comments as well.
  6. 7423
  7. So I just found out that the Kametsui release for Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Monster Musume) may be stalled for the moment. I was wondering how does this release fair so as to tide me over until the Kametsu release https://animetorrents.me/torrent-details.php?torid=27985 It uses the same sources as the Kametsu release might and there seem to be some audio sync issues which i think can be easily corrected besides those is this release worth checking out
  8. I think have CBM's release which i have not watched still now I can replace and finally watch it.
  9. 7377
  10. Baby Driver
  11. Ah food porn. Just waiting on Moodkiller for the definitive release also seeing it being good a Sentai release the bds should be out early. I think everyday life with monster girls is out already hope someone does that one too.
  12. Loli Kiriha is just so awesome



    1. NeutralHatred


      You had me at loli.

  13. 7085
  14. I have to go to work tomorrow
  15. Archer S08