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  1. How many episodes were dubbed?
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. Dub for me too. The only things i remember watching subbed are One Punch Man and Steins Gate Movie because the dubs weren't out back then and i've rewatched them with the dub. I agree with @Kitkat i feel the same way.
  4. Well technically yes although I don't remember. My parents had told me we did when i was a baby. But nothing as of late so thats about it. Have you ever cosplayed?
  5. She is the best the whole series, not like there were many other but still
  6. So there is Friday movie that is in the works, they cant just leave things be can they.
  7. Never gambled online always thought of them as scams before but not sure now. Have you ever been to comic con, E3 or any such events?
  8. Whatever happened to Chris Tucker
  9. I know right she is so cute. Thanks UnknownNinja
  10. ANT is now private? I hear bakabt is private too. Back when i joined it was just plain registration although i havent logged into ANT for a while now.
  11. I wondering if anyone could give an an ETA on the Prison School release?
  12. That is just the worst.
  13. Rewatch: Kingsman The Secret Service what a fun movie
  14. I would love to see this as well hope someone does it.
  15. Ok i will go ahead with these releases then. Thanks again.