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  1. I was going to request this as well and this is the third show you beat to Anyways, i second this too if anyone has any plans on doing it. NH may be but he might be busy with other stuff.
  2. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Thor Ragnarok Now the wait for Justice League begins.
  3. [REQUEST] Occultic;Nine 1080p BD Dual Audio

    Whoa, Scycrous is doing it, did not know that. Thanks for the info. Should've read earlier posts. Anyways i second this request as well.
  4. What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Watching Arrested Development Arrow S06 The Flash S04 Lucifer S03 Legends of Tomorrow S03 Orville Riverdale S02 Supergirl S03 Voltron S03 SNL S43 (recent seasons have been really good) Planned Stranger Things S2 Preacher S2 Rick & Morty S3 Bojack Horseman S4 You're the worst S4 Silicon Valley S4
  5. Onigiri English Dub

    Is the Konekosubs one completed last i saw was at Ep6. Thanks in advance for doing this.
  6. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Any updates on Relife an Orange V2s since the US BD is out?
  7. The Tower of Druaga [720p] [Blu Ray] [Dual Audio]

    Sadly there is none as you say i should have done a bit more research i blame myself. As you suggested its either IceRock or Exiled Destiny's DVD encode. I will go with the HDTV. Thanks for the info
  8. Requesting a 720p Dual Audio Blu ray version of the show Tower of Druaga both the seasons. I do not know of any good existing releases for the show although i do remember seeing an HDTV release here. If there already exists good versions of this show feel free to point me in that direction. Also i wouldn't mind a 1080p release but i don't think this show warrants one. Thanks in advance everyone. The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk
  9. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2017

    Gamers, it deserves to be nominated at least
  10. [REQUEST CLOSED] Onigiri BD (Dub/dual audio)

    Any plans of posting your release here?
  11. [REQUEST CLOSED] Onigiri BD (Dub/dual audio)

    My bad I wasn't aware it was out already thanks for the info.
  12. [REQUEST CLOSED] Onigiri BD (Dub/dual audio)

    What happened to Yamada kun, was supposed to be out by now right. Was it released. And as for K project i think it would be best to wait for the second season dub to come out and then put in a request for the series and movie. It isnt that far anyways. And im surprised NH hasnt done three colors at least a standard dual release, may be no good groups did it. I think he might if we bother him a bit You have actually put up requests for all the shows i want and would have put up requests myself, saves me a lot of time. Thanks. I would have requested 720p cause some of them dont need 1080p imo.
  13. [REQUEST CLOSED] Onigiri BD (Dub/dual audio)

    I didnt even know this was dubbed. I second this request as well.
  14. Classroom of the Elite [Dual Audio]

    Requesting a dual audio release of Classroom of the Elite simuldub. Im not aware of any fansub groups doing this show, if there is someone would anyone be willing to make a release. I can help out in anyway i can. Thanks in advance guys.
  15. I just hope it gets a dub before there even is a season 2. But one can only wish sigh.