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  1. Any plans of posting your release here?
  2. My bad I wasn't aware it was out already thanks for the info.
  3. What happened to Yamada kun, was supposed to be out by now right. Was it released. And as for K project i think it would be best to wait for the second season dub to come out and then put in a request for the series and movie. It isnt that far anyways. And im surprised NH hasnt done three colors at least a standard dual release, may be no good groups did it. I think he might if we bother him a bit You have actually put up requests for all the shows i want and would have put up requests myself, saves me a lot of time. Thanks. I would have requested 720p cause some of them dont need 1080p imo.
  4. I didnt even know this was dubbed. I second this request as well.
  5. Requesting a dual audio release of Classroom of the Elite simuldub. Im not aware of any fansub groups doing this show, if there is someone would anyone be willing to make a release. I can help out in anyway i can. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I just hope it gets a dub before there even is a season 2. But one can only wish sigh.
  7. Here you go @kitkat TCL's S1: https://mega.nz/#F!8LogxDyJ!feR8MDAC8K5yJd07Xq2viQ Daman's S2: https://mega.nz/#F!cGhmFYoL!vDO5uVg05dGsy5vUrLJt4w
  8. Akitio this weekend is great news and i wanted to re watch Netoge for some time now. Thanks in advance idle.
  9. Why not wait for the everything to come out dubbed. I mean the second season is due for sometime later this year right. I was planning on that
  10. I saw the BDMV of the movie on ANT so i guess its out, so are we getting a complete CTR release of the show and the movie? If you are not busy with other projects of course.
  11. Cave girl vs Dino bots could make for a good anime. May be
  12. Dagashi Kashi Anime gets 2nd season, which means more Hoturu & Saya to look forward too







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    2. NeutralHatred


      People watch hentai for the plot?

    3. Inverti


      When I said "plot", I meant "story". Not the kinda "plot" that turns you on. 

    4. NeutralHatred


      People watch hentai for the story?

  13. I don't think thats something that anyone has ever had any complains over
  14. Sure i'd love that
  15. Moodkiller has a discord channel?