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  1. emjay911

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    Thanks Will check them out I just realised i forgot to add the link to an app that does a similar job Does the WD SSD include such software? Otherwise I will go with Samsung even if its $30 more
  2. I need to know what is the best tool to migrate the whole OS Windows 7 to a new SSD drive from an HDD without reinstalling Windows again? Is this a legitimate program to do this? Need your advice guys.
  3. I have noticed some newer PC builds have the graphic card installed parallel to the motherboard! Whats the name of such an adapter as I couldn't find it!

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    2. NeutralHatred


      It's to show off the card but, you're just adding unnecessary extra latency by forcing the mobo to go through an adapter to talk to the card.

    3. emjay911


      Thanks @Baal for pointing me to the right direction.

      @NeutralHatred , from what I have read, there is no affect whatsoever, except for the adapter blocking the way for the other slots.


    4. Baal
  4. I hate the new tvdb .. Ugly !!

  5. Recommend watching Cobra Kai .. surprisingly good !

    1. megajew


      It really was

    2. Saf


      I was going to sit down to watch it -  but I felt that I should try to watch the original Karate Kid all the way through first to understand the full context.

    3. emjay911


      Yup .. you need to watch the first two Karate Kid movies before Cobra Kai as its a related story.


      That ending though .. !!

  6. emjay911

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    sounds like .. Better Call Saul ??
  7. emjay911

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    I have read this a while back .. Teen who was allergic to WiFi commits suicide: mom https://nypost.com/2015/11/30/teen-who-was-allergic-to-wifi-commits-suicide-mom/ This too by googling .. Are ‘WiFi allergies’ a real thing? A quick guide to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2015/08/31/are-wifi-allergies-a-real-thing-a-quick-guide-to-electromagnetic-hypersensitivity/
  8. A nifty website .. drop any screenshot and it will tell you which anime!



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    2. emjay911


      An Eromanga screenshot worked for me.

    3. Ashven288


      Impressive. It even got the timestamp right.:ph34r:


    4. emjay911


      Guess its a WIP. Newer anime works.

  9. Totally forgot that LY posts projects in the sheet. Thanks!
  10. What are new possible shows that are going to be picked up by LY for this season ?
  11. 11 episodes .. one sitting .. Chihayafuru 2!

  12. emjay911

    question about an INTEL NUC offer. worth it?

    Avoid Celeron as it is too weak to handle a lot of things. At least get the i3
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    2. manc4life


      Great news.

    3. CyborgIcarus29


      If Urobuchi is heavily involved, I am in. If it is going to be crappy like season 2, forget it. 

    4. Koby


      Seems it's gonna be filler as the main cast has both a character that had previously died as well as the character that replaced said character after their death, together... Which viably couldn't happen without retconning or simply ignoring that fact.

  13. Just learned today that HBO passed on a possible live-action series adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster which Guillermo Del Toro wanted to do !! Fuck you HBO .. Fuck you !!



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    2. kamuser_2090


      @sfaxt To be honest, Americans aren't that different from the rest. They're either descendants of Europeans, Africans, Asians, Native Indians or a mixture.  But they do tend to be more picky and more complainy than the majority, I'll give you that.

    3. sfaxt


      eg idk of many americans appreciating movies and series made in europe. same as they usually avoid non english content and subtitled content.

      and its not just the language barrier. they even remake UK shows to appeal  their audiences.

      and i don't mean it negatively . and not judging tastes either. it's just they re not used watching such stuff.

      to put it simply between an american and an asian horror film there's actually a world of difference, and a very different experience.

      same thing in brit vs american sitcoms.

      and its not a racial or forefathers issue. people develop taste in their life, its not like imprinited.

    4. kamuser_2090


      @sfaxt That's true, too. The Office and Shameless US versions are in my opinion vastly superior to the original UK runs.


      The Office - Humor was too dry and dead for my liking.

      Shameless - Too realistic and little to no comedy.