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  1. They are not ideal .. 720p Hi10 plays but with obvious stuttering and 1080p Hi10 stutters badly and green pixels all over .. I have the pi3. Overclocking just overheats the device! The best option is just to get a mini PC like the Intel NUC or the Zotac .. support out of the box !
  2. Soooo... What one must do to get the attention of quality checkers around here ??



    Basically to check this obviously



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. emjay911


      So other episodes are not synced

      Or you still have not checked them

    3. 21century


      no they are synced i checked at least 2 times and my friend i will look at them again today to see if there isn't any issue with syncing but they are perfect considering no one complain on the thread yet about episodes being out of sync 

    4. 21century


      ok @emjay911 i checked ep 03 to 06 again and seriously unless you have issue with small millisecond delay 

      you wont be able to tell difference 

      Eng Dub in this OVA might be a issue in-term of delivery but 

      from where i am standing all 6 ovas are close to perfect the way they are and if you aren't satisfy with this then tell me which episode need syncing and i will fix that issue

       this is my QC which aside from "laughing under the cloud" release no one have complained about this issue 

  3. Re:Zero announced for home release by Funimation !

  4. 21century's Downloads Index

    Great list Do you know what you need next ? - A brand new 4TB hard drive
  5. A call for donations

    I too think the donation meter should be brought back
  6. A call for donations

    @Koby Sent you a PM !
  7. @Koby so any chance getting that 576p stalled since 2014 ? I may want to replace my unwatched Stickya's release with yours.
  8. So Discotek Media has put out a poll in their facebook page asking its followers if they would like their long SD anime series in bluray discs instead, calling it (SDBD) and scrap away with DVD discs all together.

    SDBD - 86%
    DVD - 14%



    1. Koby


      SDBD is still better than DVD at least... Allows for more episodes per disc, and BDs are better scratch-resistant for long term. Maybe SDBDs would maintain better colors than DVD, but idk... In any event hopefully they have PGS subtitles instead of VOB as well since they're much better.

  9. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Nice .. cant wait to replace my current webrips.
  10. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Sky Force Anniversary for PC One of the best vertical shoot em ups out there ... beautifully made game. After finishing it, will download and play the sequel Sky Force Reloaded
  11. Anyone knows where this release originated from? Which site? forum? tracker? IRC?

    Black Jack OVA 720p BluRay FLAC 2.0 x264-GRAINY 44.6 GB

    1. Koby


      I remember seeing a GRAINY and FILTERED tagged release of something recently... think it was BakaBT.

  12. Is it just me or Summer Wars gets better with every viewing ?

    1. 21century


      yeah i loved this movie more in my second time viewing. this movie have qualities that only anime can show no other entertainment medium can

    2. manc4life


      Well, i better get to watching it then. Forgot why i was even putting it off till now.

  13. YESSS !! ... all 22 episodes of the first season of "March comes in like a lion" are available in English.


    We need an official forum release now !!

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    2. CyborgIcarus29


      Grab the subtitles from this release https://nyaa.si/view/967799

    3. 21century


      Ok thanks i will bookmark it for now

      when eng dub is at hand i will look into it more at later date . :boss:

    4. CyborgIcarus29


      You're welcome.

  14. Catar's First Novel

    Why don't you self publish them? Amazon got this service were you can publish your own book/novel for free and receive earnings. Nothing to lose at your end.
  15. Anime Recommenadation

    Thats about the only fantasy comedies I have seen.