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  1. The very worst thing you can do to ruin your movie watching experience is to watch the movie's trailer !! Literally !!

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    2. Grundy


      I personally see only 3-4 movies a year on a theatre so it's not a big deal to me . The blockbusters are usually in the summer and some of them in the winter , so they show 2-3 trailers of movies that doesn't interest me in the first place . 

    3. emjay911


      I only go the theaters to movies that really interest me and highly praised by everyone, think Dunkirk.

      About the trailers, before the screening, well if a movie doesnt interest me at all, I watch it, if its a movie I watch, I just look down on my mobile until it finishes.

      As for tv shows, commercials were I live do not include trailers. Plus I dont watch tv anymore, its only downloads and Kodi.

    4. (Kirito)


      I watch 2-3 movies a year in total (none in the theatre).


      I just watch the trailer & that's it 😅.

  2. Latest iPhone .. can't even know a file size without downloading a third party app. What was it?? Oh yeah ... $999

    1. Ashven288


      No need to worry about file size. Just buy the 512gb version /s.

    2. (Kirito)


      That's iPhone for ya.


      They do things like no one else does.


      That's what makes them so unique.

  3. Live-Action One Piece in the works???? :oh:

    1. Koby


      Apparently... Doesn't sound like something that'd turn out good.

  4. After jumping the 10-bit wagon almost two years .. going back to 8-bit is a torture!! 

    The fading colors and the gradients and the artifacts are there in plain sight!! Thank you @Koby

    1. Koby


      I remember when you use to argue about requesting older lower quality encodes like TCL's original over-filtered 8-bit releases over his newer 10-bit encodes that had less banding, more detail, proper colors, proper brightness, and proper saturation. =P

  5. Oh no !! please stop. Watched all eight seasons and for some reason not that interested in a season 9. And FTWD .. thank God that ended. What made the franchise so good in the beginning was focusing on the human factor and threat. You can do only so much with zombies as a main threat. and after nine seasons, I havent seen season 9, we learned that the human threat and factor is much more but also limited too. So it needs to find the sweet spot and balance between threats. Like I said, I have lost a bit of interest, I will be watching season 9 but its not in my top of the list anymore.
  6. I've been trying to watch all the HBO series. I have just finished watching Sharp Objects, decent and was pretty okay show. Out of the above list, I am really looking forward for Catherine the Great, but once more info comes out, I will be sure watching many of the above.
  7. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel .. my new favorite show 

    1. Pollux


      Watched most of the first episodes while killing time, seems like a very different kinda show. :)


    2. emjay911


      Season 2 is even better and funnier, I got more laughs

  8. emjay911

    Vinland Saga

    Quiet excited for this. Hoping WIT did a good job just like AOT
  9. WHAAT !? Psycho-Pass 3 !!?? since when ??!
  10. I have read this specific criticism in many places. Isn't the majority of movies like this? Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy - all movies in this genre are flawed. Its kind off silly just to pick one movie and criticize it for being a "Sci-Fi Horror". On the other hand, I have liked it a lot but doing a second movie? ... Nope no thanks.
  11. Interesting enough I was thinking of downloading the audiobook before I actually realised that there is a movie adaptation and the very new Netflix series adaptation. Downloaded the series instead - good reviews all around.
  12. Samurai Champloo bluray set is now $15.99 on Amazon .. 16 hrs 20 mins left

  13. Too bad and I just finished watching Punisher 2 Probably the best of the all Marvel shows was Daredevil and Punsiher
  14. I would recommend .. The Devil is a Part-Timer - surprisingly good and light-hearted with some action. Chihayafuru S1 + S2 - a very good sports "board game" light hearted drama with a pinch of romance Hyouka - recently got a dub and is very good My Love Story!! - a very good light hearted romance
  15. Keep in mind the dub is still not complete.
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