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  1. How to make "Ordered chapter" release?

    Why go thru the hassle of splitting up a video for a mere 3 minutes? I never got the idea of splitting up OP and ED out. I am not here to berate you, but no one does this anymore. There are a few shows were the best release was done by Coalgirls, example Nichijou, I chose not to download it because the video was split up and the media software I use, Kodi, does not support ordered chapters because the Kodi guys think its pointless and out of date despite the recurring requests over the years to support it, and the only one using them back in the day were anime fansub groups.

    There is a DUB for Haikyuuuu !???

    Since effing when ?????????

    1. Inverti
    2. emjay911


      I did .. but that was long time ago when their bluray release was list with only Japanese in their site. I thought .. well this being a sports anime, will never get dubbed.

    3. Inverti


      Well, Free got a dub, and so did Yuri on Ice. Times are a changin'.

  3. Funimation English Dub Rips.

    I see what he did there. He wants to download specific shows but instead of including them in the actual post he puts them as tags! Here are the shows he wants to download (copied and pasted directly from the tags above) .. Basilisk. Air Gear. Code Geass. Chrome Shelled Regios Gun X Sword Pumpkin Scissors Soul Eater Next time please include your request in the actual post. Also... Read this please https://kametsu.com/topic/6879-guidelines-for-making-a-request-please-read-this/
  4. Kametsu is now on Discord!

    Never heard of Discord, looks interesting, will try soon.
  5. Official Vent Thread

    If the situation is as bad as you describe and your own parent calls the cops on you .. there are a couple of things you need to do .. which is probably hard to do -1 Stay on your job and be patient until you can afford your own place -2 Be patient more and don't wish anyone their death There will come a time when you will be thinking about it and probably laugh ?
  6. I have not watched any of the MSG Seed series so I can't say much about the "old" dub. But with recent years and how the dubs have increasingly improved, how bad that this can be ?
  7. I just realised .. there is no 720p dual audio for .. Silent Voice .. Your Name .. In this Corner of the World

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    2. Koby


      720p is a dying thing now that 4K/8K TVs exist, 4KBD is rippable, and most anime are animated at 720p or higher. So it's no surprise that with anime encode groups dying out, everyone is focusing on a single resolution rather than doing multiple resolutions to please everyone, and thus 1080p is the option selected.

    3. Etzimal


      Your Name will get a 720p encode.

    4. cyborgicarus29


      movies with amazing visuals  and fluid animation shouldn't be seen in 720p quality imo. 

  8. So .. "Your Name" UK release is tomorrow. I have yet to see and dual-audio release of it.

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    2. Etzimal


      I think I'm going to delay HTT's release for this movie.


      The UKBD eng audio tracks are very poor quality.

    3. DigiPokeMon
    4. Etzimal


      Digi, I've just started the DL. We'll see if its only me having this issue (another person on ADC agrees with me, so I doubt it).

  9. What is up with this English censored and Japanese uncensored episodes of Mobile Police Patlabor:TV? There is no proper dual-audio release done by anyone else.

    1. Badman


      Idk. I think some scenes were left out. The OVAs were also censored, but apparently they were easier to sync to the uncut.

  10. If this covers all of D.Gray Man including 01-103 than I vote for D.Gray Man
  11. A Paranoia Agent dual audio BD encode in 1080p 10-bit was uploaded to AB. 

    I always wanted to get the BD encode since @Badman finished his release, but not all of the episodes are available at the moment. 

    Is that encode in AB any good?

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    2. Catar


      This project from EJF is going to be the superior release in the end thanks to properly typeset signs, which are actually important to this show:



    3. EljayFlintok


      My project uses Pavel-Raws for video as well, the same video as the new 1080p upload on AB. The Audio is also going to be the same. In End, though, I want it to have full Ani-Kraze subtitles and properly typesetted Ani-Kraze signs. It's all still some way to go, but I am positive that it all will happen. You guys just need patience. ^_^

    4. emjay911


      @Scyrous Yes .. I was referring to the HiCost release.


      @Catar @EljayFlintok I will take your word for it, I already waited a few years for a proper release, a few more months will not make a difference.

      Will wait fir EJF's proper release.

  12. I also expected something crude. This is professional level animation. Great job!
  13. Having issues with Kodi Subscene add-on. For some reason it simply says "No Subtitles Found" whenever I search.


    It worked find before.

  14. This is the best effing opening in any series Ever! Music and production. 
    Simply Beautiful. Play it and Enjoy!



    The original soundtrack, which I have downloaded, is 10 minutes long !!

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    2. emjay911


      Where is the dislike button when you need one !?

    3. EljayFlintok


      Man, ratings for this show go through the roof... need to check it out more, thanks, emjay! The opening does make you wanting more. 

    4. emjay911


      @EljayFlintok This is now one of my top three favourite shows. 

      Its as good as the opening and more. Both quite original.