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Amazon's Anime Strike Offers Downloadable Episodes


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P2gsjQe.jpgAmazon announced on Wednesday that its Anime Strike channel is offering downloads for anime episodes on the channel. Users can download videos to their desktop, tablet, or smartphone using the Prime Video app and can watch the videos without an internet connection.

The channel has also partnered with digital reading platform Comixology to offer Anime Strike users a full manga volume download every month until the end of 2017. The channel is offering the first volume of Parasyte for May.


The channel costs US$4.99 per month with an Amazon Prime membership, and a seven-day free trial is available.

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21 minutes ago, Toddler Naruto said:


Source please? I can't find anything via google or their own site.



Update: A Crunchyroll representative told Polygon it plans to bring offline streaming to its service sometime in 2017.

““Our breadth of titles and relationships within the anime industry can’t be beat,” the rep said. “We know offline streaming is important to our viewers, and we're working to bring this feature to the platform in 2017 so that fans can keep up with their favorite shows wherever they are.”

"Offline Streaming" is the poorly worded terminology the market uses. It's actually the ability to download an entire episode (or episodes, movie, etc.) and watch later without being connected to the internet. Which, I know, flies in the face of the very definition of the word "streaming." In other streaming services, it requires a specific app to download and play the files. Ripping from the app leaves them unplayable unless you figure out how to remove the DRM. Though someone with some programming knowledge would likely be able to reverse engineer the app's drm algorithm like they did with Netflix' version of this. Then again, Amazon has some of the best encryption on the market. Shame that in Netflix' case, the download to view later versions are SD-only as they're meant to be played on phones and tablets for on-the-go.

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6 minutes ago, Koby said:

"Offline Streaming" is the poorly worded terminology the market uses. 

Technology working in loops =P


Random speculation, though: besides just marketing, maybe a weird technical legal loophole to still call their license a streaming license and not a download license? It's far cheaper to license a property just for streaming vs permanent downloading. They can still call it streaming because in theory you lose access if you lose the account. 

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