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  1. https://nyaa.si/view/964844 Someone uploaded this which looks like TV version with the audio? Which btw I don't understand since Web is higher quality.
  2. It is already ripped so there is no point now.
  3. Sorry it took so long. https://mega.nz/#F!NmQDlRBC!UqlAOUNmrrgEITPrsXoFFw
  4. Hey sorry guys, but I'm no longer able to get 1080p video. I was able to sniff the video URLs from a non-PC device, but it's not possible any longer.
  5. Request

    There was a miscommunication and he missed the past 2 episodes, I'm sorry.
  6. Request

    If you see previously in this thread that they air a rerun of each episode before the next one airs... the 2nd airing is english dub while the first is Japanese.
  7. Request

    I can do 6+, but 1-5 does not rerun so its impossible currently.
  8. Request

    Here you go: https://mega.nz/#!FMxCmRAI!7GUMlW8-ukqf9HO8PzGBCNNREOlvy--3gBtusbtdR6w Huge surprise
  9. Gonna PM you.
  10. Request

    I'm gonna be away for a bit this week so I'll get it uploaded when I can, but I do have it.
  11. Ya, PC can only get 1080p on Hulu Original shows.
  12. If you can hunt them down the iTunes/Amazon rips would be the best quality. I think CtrlHD and TrollHD would be the groups to search for.