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  1. Ya, PC can only get 1080p on Hulu Original shows.
  2. If you can hunt them down the iTunes/Amazon rips would be the best quality. I think CtrlHD and TrollHD would be the groups to search for.
  3. S01E01: https://mega.nz/#!FBZh1R6T!IrdcaEryWBfLdszaUBXB3wi7BZ3i0qhAgXncGgz2l3U I'll try to get others as quickly as I can, but its a long show and I'm working on other stuff too.
  4. If you guys are interested I can get them in 1080p direct rips from Hulu.
  5. Request

    It's not such a bad thing. Dlife is a high quality channel with quite a bit of video bitrate.
  6. Request

    Episode 4: https://mega.nz/#!VNh2wR4Z!hK7pHKvUbg7dAqhTVsUh0oR7tMbc5zyJlIrAtnvGAN0
  7. Request

    Ya, there isn't really an alternative to screencapping for this episode
  8. Request

    Episode 4 onward is no problem. I'll have tv caps of it. DLife just doesn't seem to rerun the older episodes.
  9. Request

    Episode 3 seems to be quite a tough one to track down a source for.
  10. Alright, it'll be a little while. I have a lot of other stuff to upload too.
  11. I've had it since release. Do you want just the ISO or what? I don't plan on encoding it directly from that box as I have the original Japanese R2J Box which is the best source for video.
  12. I can upload the episodes with the audio included. Just gimme a bit of time. I've got lots of other uploads to get through
  13. I can grab subs for you if you tell me what shows.
  14. What show specifically do you want Japanese subs for?
  15. There are quite a bit of these on MySpleen I believe.