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  1. Bleach (KIDS Station Raw)

    I've checked the French and UK DVDs as well as Catalan versions. French and UK both seem to be just clones of R1 video, but Catalan is much more complete (however super low quality and hardsubbed). Definitely let me know about Polish version
  2. Bleach (KIDS Station Raw)

    Yep for the jikai (see you next time) cards. Here is an example of one from Episode 103 https://i.imgur.com/oGxAtGO.png Now there is a chance that some other source has them but I haven't been able to find any other confirmed source. 103 and to the end of the series (or at least to a certain point) has them from VIZ. Before anyone suggests other tv-rips, TV Tokyo cuts these sort of things so unless a certain episode is from a TV Tokyo affiliate that would keep it then it won't have it. The BDs are a pile of crap and do not have them, but is quite interesting that it has both the Opening and Ending sponsor cards even though the Ending sponsor card (at least for ED1) is not there for the full duration nor does it have the music playing.
  3. Bleach (KIDS Station Raw)

    It would be aired upscaled at 1080i, but would most likely be 480p if encoded.
  4. Bleach (KIDS Station Raw)

    I know there is almost zero chance that anyone here has these, but I'm looking for raws (encoded or in .ts or whatever) of Bleach from KIDS Station. The first 100 episodes or so.
  5. hey arnold the jungle movie

    Whats the airdate?
  6. [Request] Looking for a collection of Christmas specials.

    It would probably be helpful if you said what specific christmas specials you were looking for.
  7. Attention Laserdisc and VHS Rippers

    I can do laser disc rips. Whats up?
  8. [AMAZON Prime] Tom and Jerry Classics

    Also since you seem to be somewhat of an expert on Tom & Jerry, do you know if all the episodes produced in CinemaScope are that way on DVD or the Blu-Ray?
  9. [AMAZON Prime] Tom and Jerry Classics

    Hey @bodek610 could you reply to my PM when you get chance. Thanks.
  10. ID-0 English Dub Netflix Rip?

    HorribleSubs did this already. So someone really just needs to grab the E-AC3 128kbps English dub track and mux it in with those files.
  11. Hey I was wondering where did you get the source to encode these? https://mega.nz/#F!A84iEBoZ!71pBM3eOlqns0FvTCJP29g


    I don't think I've ever seen those reair on TV.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Akai-Shuichi


      Do you happen to still have the source files? I'd be really interested in those.

    3. Tooncore


      Yeah I've got roughly 10,000 DVD-Rs from Boomerang but good luck finding the time,

      and besides that, I'm not going to be sharing DVDs anytime soon here at Kametsu because of what happened last time.

      In most cases I recorded to VHS and later transferred to DVD-R so there's not gonna be any quality increase by re-doing them anyways.

    4. Akai-Shuichi


      Alright, thanks anyways! On another note could you throw me a PM? I want to speak with you about something else but you seem to have PMs disabled.

  12. [AMAZON Prime] Tom and Jerry Classics

    Syncing audio will not be easy. As with most stuff on Amazon Germany, this is PAL 25fps.
  13. Request for Japanese Raws for "Marvel Future Avengers"

    For convenience I've added these episodes to the MEGA folder: Episode 1 (Dailymotion rip 720p with chinese hardsubs), Episode 2 (Youtube rip 480p), Episode 7 (Dailymotion rip 720p with chinese hardsubs), Episodes 8-10 (Dailymotion rip 480p)
  14. Looney Tunes Cartoons from Boomerang Streaming Service

    Does anybody have a list of whats on that site that isn't available on other mediums?