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Production looks to be underway for DreamWorks Pictures' Ghost in the Shell, as Scarlett Johansson has been seen on set in Hong Kong.


The photos show Johansson as cyborg Motoko Kusanagi, along with Batou actor Pilou Asbæk. Additionally, HK01 has some shots of film extras and street market sets, as spotted by Kotaku.








Johansson and Asbæk, photos of whom can be seen on HK01, both play agents in Section 9—an elite task force dedicated to stopping cyber-criminals and extremists.


Ghost in the Shell has faced criticism for whitewashing the role of Kusanagi, who is originally of Japanese descent. Backlash increased when it was revealed Paramount and DreamWorks had reportedly commissioned visual effects tests to alter Johansson's appearance, making the white actress appear "more Asian."



Arrow's Rila Fukushima, Battle Royale's Takeshi Kitano, and Broadwalk Empire's Michael Pitt are also expected to star.

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I don't have any problems with Scarlett Johansson playing the Major. I think she fits the bill pretty well actually, whether she's Asian or not. However hiring a white actress and then trying to make her look Asian is just silly. If you care enough about that crap then just hire an Asian actress. I know they went with Johansson though because of the star power behind her name and I don't think there is really any Asian women with as much star power here in the States... So it's completely understandable in that regard. Don't forget Japan too has made live-action movies based on anime in which they used Japanese actors in roles where characters were clearly of British decent; so we can't really fault Hollywood and not fault Japan, otherwise it's just being hypocritical.


I feel like Ghost in the Shell is the type of show that Hollywood could actually get right with a live-action adaptation, unlike shounen stuff such as that Dragon Ball movie that shall not be named. So I actually have some hope for this show, and I do hope it's done right so that it gets the attention it should garner as it'll likely mean the Cowboy Bebop movie which has been in production hell for years could finally seem some headway.

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