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  1. Midghost

    Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

    guys do you think box one x is better in graphics than PlayStation 4 pro graphics or does they are making Xbox one x look good.
  2. Midghost

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    very funny Guys I asked you guys because of internet Rumors.
  3. Does wifi routers and adapters cause any health issues or not.
  4. Midghost

    bitcion or digital currency

    Is bitcoin reliable and legal and what kind of products can we use bitcoin to buy? do you guys do bitcoin mining?
  5. Midghost

    yahoo and gmail account

  6. Midghost

    yahoo and gmail account

    2 accounts the same number.
  7. Midghost

    yahoo and gmail account

    I need to make the yahoo account I have Gmail account with the same number can I make the yahoo account with the same number and will the both Gmail and Yahoo accounts be active after using the same phone number or only 1 number.
  8. Midghost

    Seagate barracuda

    Sorry for your lost data.
  9. Midghost

    Seagate barracuda

    Thank you guys i go with western digital.
  10. Midghost

    Seagate barracuda

    what about Seagate Nas and sshd drives. which wd hdd should i buy from purple,red or gold for storage or for my secondary storage on my desktop.
  11. Midghost

    Seagate barracuda

    Hey,i am thinking of buying Seagate barracuda 1tb for downloads and storage because they are cheap to buy and are they reliable does someone has any experience with these hdd.
  12. Midghost

    Ac Power adapters vs ATX PSU

    thank you guys for clearing it up so nicely.
  13. Midghost

    Ac Power adapters vs ATX PSU

    which do you think is reliable and long lasting msi Vortex G25 8RE or custom built pc.
  14. Midghost

    Ac Power adapters vs ATX PSU

    Can anyone tell the difference and which is best and safe and reliable.
  15. Is this real i need help.