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  1. Have you guys seen this clip,
  2. guys do you think box one x is better in graphics than PlayStation 4 pro graphics or does they are making Xbox one x look good.
  3. very funny Guys I asked you guys because of internet Rumors.
  4. Does wifi routers and adapters cause any health issues or not.
  5. Is bitcoin reliable and legal and what kind of products can we use bitcoin to buy? do you guys do bitcoin mining?
  6. 2 accounts the same number.
  7. I need to make the yahoo account I have Gmail account with the same number can I make the yahoo account with the same number and will the both Gmail and Yahoo accounts be active after using the same phone number or only 1 number.
  8. Sorry for your lost data.
  9. Thank you guys i go with western digital.
  10. what about Seagate Nas and sshd drives. which wd hdd should i buy from purple,red or gold for storage or for my secondary storage on my desktop.
  11. Hey,i am thinking of buying Seagate barracuda 1tb for downloads and storage because they are cheap to buy and are they reliable does someone has any experience with these hdd.
  12. thank you guys for clearing it up so nicely.
  13. which do you think is reliable and long lasting msi Vortex G25 8RE or custom built pc.
  14. Can anyone tell the difference and which is best and safe and reliable.
  15. which cpu cooler you currently been using and also please mention your processor speed.
  16. Best air cooler and liquid aio cooler for INTEL PROCESSOR CORE i7-7700 that gives lowest temp.
    Please encode these shows in 480p encode with 3,000kbps video bitrate and here the list:
    the chronological donald duck
    walt disney pluto
    walt disney mickey mouse living in color
    walt disney mickey mouse in black and white 
    please help.

    1. spaceman99


      Too many people shared TC's links. I believe he's quit uploading and even if he didn't he specialized in Hanna Barbera.

      Also I don't recall him taking requests.

    2. Midghost


      Can someone else or you could encode this shows in 480p.


  18. Hey,guys i need a 120mm cpu cooler that doesn't leak please help.
  19. Guys please help i get eta time like 15 minutes,30 seconds or sometimes hours during download from mega.coz and my download stucks because of eta does anyone know how to remove eta in jdownloader please help.
  20. Hagi Thanks for answering.
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