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Vectron Theme Added


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I've added the theme titled 'Vectron' to our theme options. You can switch to it via the theme changer at the bottom of any page. We were given this theme for free by the designer of it over at IPS Support forums during one of his little give-aways. So I figured we may as well put it to use.


I haven't changed anything about it so far, but there is some things I'd like to customize about it. Let me know if you have any suggestions with it.


I'm still listening to feedback for future theme additions and creations. So speak up and let your voice be heard.

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I figured people would be complaining that it too has transparency.


As for the visor dude, apparently there is an actual setting to replace it or remove it altogether. If we ever voted on the logo creation thread for a legit logo we could swap it out.


As for the header, I'd personally rather remove the giant wallpaper, but otherwise, I could see about swapping it out for some of our banners if I could make it work correctly with responsiveness.


I'm not fond of the red border between boards... it stands out way entirely too much for me.

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