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  1. Just like to make a poll for fun. I like Naruto Shippuden more, because the characters are less prone to (chronic) depression.
  2. watched few clips of Love Tyrant on youtube. I like it. Simple crazy psychotic harem.

  3. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-07-01/crunchyroll-to-dub-release-anime-on-bd-dvd/.103876


    So where is the BD release? It's been more than a freaking year.

    1. Inverti


      Well, some of the listed titles already have BD releases slated (or simuldubs):

      So that leaves Kabaneri, Twin Star Exorcists, Big Order and Myriad Colors of the Phantom World. We still don't know if more Gintama episodes are gonna be dubbed.

    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      I meant Kanaberi. Must have copied the wrong link. Rip me.

  4. Afternoon Nap

    Blade and Soul

    Is anyone playing this MMORPG - Blade and Soul? I've just found out about it, and it looks amazing.
  5. holy crap Nyaa is gone.

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    2. Koby


      How long was that afternoon nap? O.o

    3. Inverti


      Hey now, at least give him some credit for finally being up to speed.

    4. emjay911


      LOL .. thats hilarious 

      Well .. to be fair its been 10 days maybe .. still hilarious though !

  6. Kids on Slope: Sentaro is mixed but both his parents are Japanese, whuh?

  7. The site is so pretty.

  8. Shirou picked a fight with Soichoro first but lost then resorted to calling name? WTH is this guy even the main? More pathetic than even a street thug.

    1. Koby


      What show are you referring to?

  9. Damn unfinished anime ...

    1. Etzimal


      Story of my life.

  10. I don't like it when a show makes me root for villains. It does that by having the good guys talk TOO MUCH.

    1. Koby


      Happens quite a lot for me usually... kek

  11. Afternoon Nap

    Do you like school?

    If you're still in school, do you look forward to graduating and live a life of your own or do you feel like staying. If you've already gone into the workforce, do you prefer your situation now better than when you're still school. I seriously want to graduate. Then I'll have more freedom - to pursue whatever I want to pursue and to indulge in whatever I want.
  12. My i7 6700 idles at 40-41.5 Celcius. What's your cpu's idle temperature please? My room temperature is about 23-25 F. 

    1. testing123


      Your idle temps are fine. Don't sweat them.

    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      Thanks. I just installed Hwmonitor and it reports the max temp of each core is 34~41 celcius and min temp 20~22 celcius, at idle.

    3. testing123


      No problem. There would be a concern if your temperatures were high when idled. I'm talking about 60c or 70c.

  13. spent whole day building my pc, now installing windows ... The only thing I'm concerned with is the heat sink (hyper 212 evo) - whether I've tightened the screws tight enough. Well I felt like the screws went as far in as they can go, unless I'd flex my muscles and force them in even further. Please, cpu, please be okay.

  14. Just watched the first episode of Akame Ga Kill; this show rocks.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I just marathon this the other night and it is insanely good. That is all I'm going to say.

    2. Leon Astreal

      Leon Astreal

      Read the manga once your finished much better. 

  15. How can you be sure that all the screw holes of different components are aligned? I don't get any of this. Thanks!
  16. Watching Riddle Story of Devil and I want the MC to die ... lol ...

    1. iBreaker


      You mean Tokaku or Haru?

    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      Haru ... This girl acts so fake and gives me cringe.

    3. iBreaker


      Agreed. Cause let's be real, Tokaku is the best girl in the series.

  17. My case DIYPC Gamemax-W ATX Full Tower comes with 5 fans, 2 in front, 2 on top, 1 at the rear (all 120mm). But my motherboard ASROCK H170A-X1 has only two chassis fan headers (each with 4 pins). What to do now? I still have no idea whether the case fans have 3 or 4-pin connectors. EDIT: Someone answered on newegg that the fans have both 3 and 4 pin connectors.
  18. Anyone play Blade & Soul?

  19. Just placed orders for the components of my new pc. Hope I know what I'm doing when assembling them all together. Cross my fingers.

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    2. Etzimal


      The layout will be slightly different, but the end product should be the "same". Be sure to properly manage your cables. When I went to upgrade my first build, the terrible wire management made the processes 1.5 hours longer. :/

    3. Koby


      The only thing you really need to worry about is putting the right amount of thermal paste on the cpu heatsink. Everything else should be pretty self explanatory to a first time builder.

    4. Etzimal


      @Koby Paste on the side with the pins, right? ;)


      (satire... don't do that.)

  20. Afternoon Nap

    Recommend me an Anime.

    ATTACK ON TITAN, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh Guilty Crown Darker than Black Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Speed Grapher Now and Then, Here and There Ergo Proxy Blood Lad Btooom! Durarara!! The Devil is a Part-timer Kurokami Monster Terror in Resonance Corpse Princess Tokyo Ghoul Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) These are all English dubbed and 10/10 in my list.
  21. My brain is fried ... 

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    2. warlord8


      How many do you have? I got three but two on one day. Plus those two are my two worst courses, so Im not expecting them to go well.

    3. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      I've just finished 3 consecutive ones today. There's one tomorrow morning, and the last one on Monday next week. The one tomorrow will be the last most stressful. I feel pretty at ease about the one next week (but still nothing prevents me from being paranoid when the it's near).

    4. warlord8


      Damn. Where I go, if you have three exams within 48 hours, you can reschedule one. Almost there though!

  22. anyone play Blade and Soul?

    1. Dr. Whiskers

      Dr. Whiskers

      haven't played it yet but plan to sometime, looks pretty cool and interesting.

  23. Sasuke's twin brother in Hajime no Ippo awakened some kind of  green Sharingan?