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Evening all,


I've enabled Tapatalk support on the forums due to previous requests. You can install the app from your usual app stores, iOS, Android, Windows are supported. Those on BlackBerry can install from the Play Store also.


From the app you can search for Kametsu.com and it should bring you to the website. Login options should be on the menu.


The original mobile version of the website will also still exist for those who like this version.


At the moment the logo and banner images are just some that I had available at the time of setup, I may make a request in the graphics section for anyone who would like to make alternatives.


Any other feedback or requests let me know. If anything is broken, blame SakuraChan and let me know so I can fix it.

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Is it better than the mobile version?

Depends on your definition of "better" I guess. Take a look see what you think.
Does it support quotes and editing comments. That alone will make it better for me.

Apparently it does support quoting.

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Can't edit for some reason, I can moderate though which is something.

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