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In the Assistance board to help keep it a little more organized and stuff I've added prefix tags for Solved and Denied. Whenever someone asks a question for help, when it's answered either a mod can edit the post and add the Solved prefix, or the original poster can. Then the mod can close the solved topic.

If someone gives a suggestion or w/e that gets denied etc.. a mod or the original poster should be able to add the prefix for Denied by editing the first post, then a mod can close the thread.

I'm also adding something similar to the Anime Request section so we can know which threads have been solved or denied for request. Hopefully the mods or members will use it how it's intended.

If so it should really help improve the sections.

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I like it! I've seen this used many different places and it helps it keep organized, and helps the people asking questions. They can search and if it has [sOLVED] then instead of having to check each post, nice addition :)

Also, I agreed with Mae, the Tech Center could use it too!

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I have a question... Wouldn't this help in the tech center as well, i mean it consist of quite a few questions that have been answered like this one...


It could help it stay organized and locking them when the question is answered there so nobody post in a topic/question that has already been answered. You see it in this thread how people have posted to an already answered question. Anyways i was just wondering if it would help or be more work than it worth?

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