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Why ello thaa


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Hey, I'm Haji. Stumbled onto the forums here lookin for downloads and on megaupload this site was in the file description. This place is actually pretty sweet and I plan on stickin around for as long as you'll have me haha

If you couldn't guess from my name one of my favorite anime's is Blood+ (The movie sucked though)

some of my other favorites are:

Full Metal Alchemist: BH

Fruits Basket

Air TV



Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Christo

Kurau: Phantom Memory

I'm also big on jrpg's fps's and lots and lots of GACKT!!!!!!!!!!! Hyde too but to a lesser extent :)

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My sisters favorite is Blood + as well, but I didn't care much for it. Had the first 30 episodes not been there or been shortened then it might have fared better for me, but with more than half it being day to day episodes with nothing happening, it all just seemed boring.

I didn't like the anime movie, but surprisingly the live-action movie was actually decent.

Anyways, welcome to the forum and I'm glad you seem to like it. Hope you stick around!

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Never saw the live action movie, only the anime one. I'll have to check that out though.

I love animes/books where they give alot of back story on the character/characters.

Shadow hearts is a great game btw, nice choice.

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