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Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

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I have my own list of stuff i look out for. Some of is there some of it is not:

fairy tail part 8 (02/04)


naruto shippuden movie blood prison (02/18)


naruto shippuden ova naruto vs konohamaru (02/18)


Jormungand s1 (02/18)


Jormungand s2 (02/18)


Robotics;Notes part 1 (02/18)


evangelion 3.33 (02/18)


psyco pass (03/11)


fairy tail part 9 (03/25)


Robotics;Notes part 2 (03/25)


naruto shippuden box set 18 (04/08)


Fairy tail part 10 (05/20)


Aquarion Evol part 2 (05/27)


Code breaker (06/2014)


Karneval (06/2014)

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