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  1. newraze

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    So still no release date on Evangelion 3.33?
  2. newraze

    Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

    what's wrong with akame ga kill? I thought it was good even though it had a piss poor ending just like with tokyo ghoul. Both Akame Ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul didn't have a happy ending at all just a sad ending.
  3. newraze

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    Anybody have any idea when freezing vibration will be released as a english dub?
  4. newraze

    Sword Art Online (whole franchise)

    Will sword art online II be a world wide dub or not?
  5. newraze

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    If evangelion 3.33 you can not redo is already out in english why hasn't anybody uploaded it yet? & on funimation's website it says pre order meaning it hasn't come out yet in english and doesn't give a release date. Source: http://shop.funimation.com/Shop/ShopProductDetail.ss?itemid=81838