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  1. Yeah they use to but like stated above they don't anymore. & like i said before i wish they didn't change that fact cause i liked not having to wait for the disc version to come out cause that takes forever.
  2. I liked how it was before where the dvd/blu-ray came out 2 weeks after the episodes released cause that mean't I didn't have to wait for someone to buy the disc to get it uploaded. & with how it was before season 2 of date a live episodes would've came out in February and the discs would've came out in march.
  3. Dragon's first post on page 50 has the download link to the downloader and no it is not hard to use at all as long as you have python 2.7 installed. I currently use it to download all my funimation shows and I'm a noob at using this downloader.
  4. newraze

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    So still no release date on Evangelion 3.33?
  5. Good job on the funicom downloader it works like a charm and it's easy to use for the average user that doesn't know much about programming.
  6. newraze

    Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

    what's wrong with akame ga kill? I thought it was good even though it had a piss poor ending just like with tokyo ghoul. Both Akame Ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul didn't have a happy ending at all just a sad ending.
  7. I want the uncensored version of highschool dxd season 3 in 1080p please
  8. So that's why you didn't upload the new highschool dxd series?
  9. is going to be the twin tail gonna be part of the simuldubs?
  10. C3 finished airing in japan in 2011. & Blazeblue alter memory and freezing vibration both finished airing in december of 2013. So I'm guessing both Blazeblue alter memory and freezing vibration will be dubbed next year sometime if they get dubbed at all. It usually takes a year to dub a show in english right?