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  1. I'm a voice actor and would be happy to lend you my services to your project pm me for more details
  2. Worst dubbing i watched was Maid Sama it was that bad it made 4kids look like funimation which is impossible really
  3. I'm currently playing fatal frame 4 and 5 and doing work on my own videogame im making its fairly short though and small bursts of smash bros , splatoon mario kart and mario maker
  4. I had to re-register which was a pain but i'm a little upset i had to again. Any idea on when i can put an avatar up on my profile?
  5. Voice Acting And encoding stuff while playing splatoon, I'm one guy who can multi task!

    1. professa X

      professa X

      Voice acting...gaganza! Tell me more

  6. tired after singing a rap

    1. professa X

      professa X

      Well i would think so. I mean i always thought SINGING rap was impossible. But SPITTING some lines of rap can cause exhaustion. ;p

    2. Hirokaski


      it is a tough thing to do took alot of practice

  7. Working to becoming a Encoder Specializing In Rare Uk Only Animes yet to be brought to America!

  8. Currently uploading One Piece for portable devices

  9. You need 500 posts before you can change it to whatever you want, though it's suppose to change automatically as you reach the following: Moppet - 0 Hedge Knight - 30 Rear Guard - 80 Vanguard - 130 Headhunter - 180 Ward of Justice - 250 Brave Companion - 350 Riskbreaker - 475 Paragon of Justice - 620 High Guardian - 750 Knight of the Round - 900 Order of Ambrosia - 1100 However since you joined before we converted to IPBoard it hasn't updated properly. I've set it back to default now, so it's changed to Rear Guard and it should update normally until you are able to change it, then it will be the box marked Member Title under My Settings. thanks sicka
  10. Just want to ask how do i change the word Moppet above my name? or do i need to be a staff member or something like that ? Thanks in advance
  11. Well usually i limit my fcroster to my va buddies but 90% of them i dont see any more or they retreated to the xbox the devil of gaming but i don't mind sharing my FC I have Bravely Default , Pok'emon Y which i will do breeding for people Street fighter 4 Resident evil revelations Dead or alive dimensions, Kid Icarus Uprising but im very deadly on it ! , Smash bros Luigis mansion 2 and animal crossing my fc is 4227-2691-4414 please pm me so i know who's added me . As for the gen 3 remakes i dont see the need for them Y is my last pokemon game
  12. sadly i don't have any american ones if i did i'd be happy to share them with you guys but i only have the PAL version n(actual game) and one Pal demo code. i apologize i can't give my last code away due to it eing britain only.
  13. I got one spare code for the pal version unlimited demo but working in the game shop i got the full game but i dont play online but let me tell you this it's worth the wait y'all.
  14. nooooooooo xD still better subbed anyway if professionally done then yes fan subbs are a hell no !
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