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Cartoon-World fourms closed and followed the path here. XP


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Yet another person who came from the Cartoon-World forums. I wasn't totally active there, but I plan to be more active here. Or at least I'll try. ><;;


I currently watch way too much anime and only a few select American tv cartoons. I love action movies and the occasional comic book. Though I prefer manga. I play fighting videos the best, like racing video games, and enjoy playing legacy games and systems. I doodle and do graphics. I am trying to get into making my own DVDs from scratch and am starting to learn about what I can do with BDs.



Um... This is an introduction so I'm suppose to write a bunch about myself, right? I hope that suffices coz I don't know what else to write.


I hope people don't think I'm too weird, but I know I can be awekward at times so please bear with me.


It's nice to meet everyone and I look forward to roaming around these waters.

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I also came here from Cartoon-world forum.  I wished there was some heads up that they are going to close down.

There was. Valdearg posted an announcement about it on C-W a month ago.



Anyone knows why they had to close down ???

It was all in the announcement that few people bothered to read it seems...the reasons were something along the lines of

1. The spam control was not working properly.

2. The forum software was crappy, out of date and updating it didn't work/failed.

3. Activity had dropped considerably since the Megaupload shut down.

In any case welcome truanifan678 and other C-W people, hopefully you'll find what you need here. :)

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