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  1. it is different one of my pages i go to that has Pikanet128 list of stuff is now not letting me in
  2. hyper threading it makes it act like it has more cores than it does
  3. that is one thing amd needs to get under control is their thermals even the new apus are hot running if u get the a10 versions
  4. id say asus and gigabyte for motherboards and its strange that asutek is actually parent name for asus but i hear bad names on asutek boards but great on asus ? dont ask me
  5. the devils canyon chip is a haswell refresh chip i would look into gigabyte as ive heard that they help intel with the chipsets
  6. ...The fact that some guy on YouTube fried his CPU by overvolting just happened to have a z87 board means nothing. Any motherboard can overvolt like that; it's a key part of overclocking.I don't know why anyone would be going with the 8 series at this point. If you're buying new, the only option should be the 9 series. he was testing the f9 bios that added support to that gigabyte board and for some reason it put the voltage and 1.5 and he did not touch anything else it was running all stock settings
  7. the fx chips like the 6100 are bulldozer architecture the fx 6300 is is a evolution upgrade of the bulldozer is called piledriver. depending on the motherboard and the manufacture the z87 maybe able to support the devils canyon intel haswell chips but it can put to much voltage through the chip if they screw something in the bios. so its better to get a z97 board so u can support the devils canyon chip you can put in the z87 based haswels in the z97 and the future broadwells also in the z97
  8. nerd mostly and i ve got them setup to do different things as for dedicated task
  9. yeah it does but it depends on if the bios/efi will support the devils canyon chips and also if it does i know someone on youtube took a gigabyte board that was z87 and it cooked the devils canyon chip to 1.5volts which is a no no on a evga z97 its like 1.3 which is normal. i built an amd fx 6300 which is piledriver which is an redone bulldozer chip and it works better than bulldozer
  10. i dont know which desktop to post my custom builts desktop running windows 7, my asus x200ma ultrabook running windows 8.1, my mac mini runnning 10.9 or my macbook pro 13 running 10.9 or my dell gx620 running linux mint 17 lol well the 2 apple computers backgrounds is annolete from queens blade 3 and my 2 windows machines have erza scarlet from fairy tail as the background and the linux box is hinata from naruto
  11. im still running the default black/ gray for mine
  12. go with an i5 at least and the gtx 760 with a 600watt power supply to give a little extra for fans hard drives and anything else u add
  13. and it would not help if some of those sites still use the bad open ssl and you change your password as it would still be comprimised so wait till they say they fixed it and then change the password
  14. not sure on google and earlier requim did movies tv shows and books music have not had drm since 09 4.1 requeim only does the movies and tv shows
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