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  1. JG1983

    Goblin Slayer

    The anime is pretty good. Worth a shot for sure.
  2. Best news so far...Can't wait!
  3. I'm looking for the best encode for the whole Black Lagoon series (S01,S02,Roberta's Blood Trail, omake etc). 1080p, high quality, no-matter the size etc. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.
  4. JG1983

    What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Dragon's Crown. Currently trying the infernal mode.
  5. Can't wait for this...Bloodsuckers and whips! Killer combination. You can't go wrong with this!!!
  6. JG1983

    Berserk (2017)

    Even though I hate the visual style of this series I got to admit that I love every minute of it. Great character development, bloody action and sexual themes. An anime with fangs. If it grabs you it won't let you until the end...
  7. JG1983

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    The Metal Slug series. The only old game I still play from time to time. After all it had everything and you could shoot at everything!
  8. JG1983

    Berserk (2016)

    Truth is I haven't seen the series only the Golden Age arc so thanks for the info and the quick reply...Gonna give this a shot.
  9. JG1983

    Berserk (2016)

    Guys where is this series placed in terms of continuity ? After the Golden Age arc or the main series ?
  10. Guys did anyone saw the God of War PS4 trailer? Kratos goes Berserker and Ragnarok-style. Hel on


  11. This looks surprisingly good. I hope that one day you'll see your work printed or even animated.
  12. JG1983

    Recommend me an Anime.

    Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins). Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront). Black Lagoon.
  13. JG1983

    Pinky and the Brain

    Anime had all the action but these cartoon were fun to watch. At least they didn't made hundred of eps portraying just battles...(yes that's a DB reference here)
  14. JG1983

    Games you regret buying/playing

    I'd have to say Odin Sphere for PS2. A very repetitive and monotonous game. The 2D graphics were good though (Vanillaware) but couldn't save the game...
  15. I liked Black Lagoon a lot and I thing that the manga continued but maybe there's not enough stuff for an anime series...