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  1. I'm no expert either on Japanese language, but I figured it's the same way that in English we have loan words or phrases from other languages among other reasons. For example, you'll hear occasionally "Capisce?" instead of "Got it?" Or "faux pas" for when somebody makes a slip up. Or even "Sayonara" instead of "Goodbye." Of course they're occasionally horribly mispronounced, but I think in Japanese they've adopted English words for the same reason foreign words have become loan words or phrases in English. Another big reason I think the Japanese use English words a lot is because English is considered a global "bridge language" that's used in most international applications. [x] English being a bridge language for many countries ties into why many high schools in Japan require it and I've heard that many businesses will mandate their employees go to English classes or require it for certain jobs. For why they'd use in anime or other pop cultrual settings my best guess it it's for their uniqueness and since high schoolers and up have already been introduced to them in one way or another so they use them. Anyway, that's my take on it.
  2. (awkward laughing) Just the beginning of the week I knew nothing about writing batch files or commands and now I have my own (albeit, crude) downloader. It muxes to mkv with softsubs, dual audio with subs, selects video size, saves with hardsubs, etc. Kudos to anybody who writes anything coz getting it to work the way I wanted (it's still not 100%) just about drove me nuts. Of course I'm still going to mess with it and get it exactly how I want it.

  3. Was working on a project, but discovered I had the wrong settings for the quality halfway through... Yup. Profile picture is pretty much how I feel at the moment. Have to start over. Maybe this time I can streamline the whole process...

  4. Don't worry about it. I understand. You've given me a great starting point. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Thanks! Seeing as this was my sister's former laptop (who is Mac-minded and probably messed a lot up on this thing) I wonder if she blindly installed stuff? There seems to be a lot of drivers and I'm not sure it it's all suppose to be there or not. I openly admit I'm pretty computer stupid so... Yeah. Here's a quick shot of my Network Adapters. After trying to update via the Device Manager and clicking the driver for Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter I get a "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" error. Should I just continue, uninstall and install fresh, or something else altogether? Really, thanks for all the help with this. I'm learning a lot.
  6. I'm not as computer savvy as I want to be... I think I found some of the right ones, but I'm afraid of screwing up my computer. How do I know which are the right ones? Some of the drivers I'm not sure where to find them or if they're part of some sort of driver bundle. I'm ashamed to say I've always just depended on the auto update for system stuff except for things like Perl and Python which I needed to install for other software. Lenovo ThinkPad E430. Shouldn't be, but again I'm not the most computer savvy so there probably is. How can I determine what connections are running? When I tested the speed the only thing I had open what the browser. Thanks everybody for helping me with this. I'll try installing the drivers that I found that seem to match the ones I already have.
  7. So my problem that I'm hoping to improve is that my sister's Mac has a incredibly better speed via wifi than my PC no matter if I'm connected through wifi, through a Powerline adapter, or wired into the back of the router with an ethernet cord. Here are a couple speed test results on the Mac: Wifi on Mac (Safari) = 71 Mbps Wifi on Mac (Firefox) = 64 Mbps Here are a couple speed test results on the PC: Netgear Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter on PC = 44 Mbps Wifi on PC (Chrome) = 19 Mbps Wifi on PC (Firefox) = 20 Mbps We both used the same site (fast.com) taking turns several times checking the speed. Normally I use the Netgear Powerline Adapter in my room to increase my speed for videos since my wifi connection sucks. My PC is running Windows 7 (64-bit). The router is a Motorola SURFboard provided by the ISP. We can't buy our own because the last time I did they threw a fit when our internet had problems. Our wifi network goes from the router to an Apple AirPort Time Capsule 4th gen. (Please keep the Apple product hating out of the thread. It is what it is and I have no say in it so complaining about Apple products won't help.) The ISP disabled the wifi on the router because we connected it to the AirPort. Any advice would be a huge help. Thanks in advance.
  8. Change of avatar for the holidays. I felt like trying to be festive online. :)

  9. Downloading and converting the last of Duel Masters from Tubi. I'm sorry to everybody waiting on them that I took so long... If my laptop doesn't do something stupid I should have them all done by tonight. Converting takes forever on this thing, but it'll get done eventually. :nothing_to_say:

  10. All the fans and dehumidifiers are finally out and I'm finally able to leave my computer running in one place without the risk of somebody's butt knocking off my desk while they work. Uploading the next batch of Duel Masters and will upload rest slowly. Basically, I'm finally back on it despite needing to pack up all my dvds/bds and books to be moved out. :nothing_to_say:

  11. I had a serious water intrusion (more appropriately "flood") in my house. Everything is either soaked, damaged, or needs to be packed and moved out. I'll update any videos after I get to a stable status with my home. Duel Masters is still a priority for me and I'll try to set them up to run while I'm working since it's only the encoding that takes the longest. I'm determined to finish them as I said I would.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Thanks for the update, sorry about your house tho.:nothing_to_say:

  12. I'm sorry to bother you, but if you have time, after getting PPGZ 27-52 completed, could you help me get 1-26 from that DVD set? To have the japanese audiotrack available and see if I can actually pull this multi-language release.

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    2. TheMexicanLynx


      Thank you, truani! I'll keep messing around with video editors until I find someway to sync all 3 audios in a single mkv if no one more savvy comes to help us.

    3. truanifan678


      Good luck. I know editing audio/video isn't easy. I tried my hand at syncing audio at one point, but at the time I used a Mac so I used GarageBand and/or FinalCut to slide/clip the audio to match the video then exported just the audio track (that Mac since broke and I'm without it). I don't know about Windows, but I've heard of VideoPad Editor in passing, but I've not used it myself. Another idea might be just using Audacity to edit the audio tracks so they line up then export them separately. Dang it, if only I had more free time right now then maybe I could help more...

    4. TheMexicanLynx


      I appreciate it! I used Audacity to just change the Episode 27 tv rip  audio from PAL 25fps to NTSC 23.976 fps, which theorically should be the DVDrip's fps as well, being Japanese NTSC. I just now need to try sync it with the video without both medias dying.

  13. I was afraid of that... I'm not sure if I can contact them, but I'll give it a try. Thank you.
  14. I was given a rar file to see what I could do with it and I'm 90% sure is corrupt. I tried downloading it 5 times thinking something went wrong in the download, but I get the same error: "Checksum error in the encrypted file. Corrupt file or wrong password." I know I'm using the right password. I tried looking online for advice, but all I found was shareware software that won't let me save the file and people saying contact the person who made the rar file which I can't. It'd be great if there were a free way of fixing the file. This is my first encounter with a corrupt file and don't want to buy software I'll only use once or twice.
  15. My sister broke her foot in 4 places. Needless to say I'm preoccupied. No other family to really help out so... RL fun.

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