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  1. truanifan678

    How to Record or Download HiDive 1080P Quality?

    Hope it's okay to ask, but is there a way to get videos that uses ffmpeg, streamlink, youtube-dl, or something along those lines? I would prefer to use what I already have and avoid installing yet another bit of software on my already taxed junktop... if possible...?
  2. truanifan678

    Ripping Nick.com Videos?

    What's commands are you using? You should be using the video's page url. For example: youtube-dl.exe "http://www.nick.com/avatar-the-last-airbender/videos/the-boy-in-the-iceberg-the-avatar-returns-part-1-s1-ep1-full-episode/" youtube-dl does the rest. I believe it downloads each video part so you'll have to merge them with ffmpeg or some other software.
  3. truanifan678

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Sorry I'm so slow... I'm not 100% sure if the extension is totally .js or if parts are. That's outside of what I know. I can say that I can find the postplay via Netlix in a .js. Here's the Chrome extension as both a .crx and .zip if you or anybody wants to explore it. Maybe it'll hold something useful. https://mega.nz/#F!suhQDAbQ!AGkSH18auu435OzRUnVl6w
  4. truanifan678

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Right, but from what I've heard there might be a way to convert the Chrome extension to be used in browsers that allow for 1080p. I just don't know how or have tried it myself. I know Chrome doesn't go up to 1080p, but my laptop doesn't go past about 720p anyway. Flix Plus though was the first thing I found for stopping the post-play effect. I just thought the things I use might be handy if they can be converted to be used in other browsers.
  5. truanifan678

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Hmm... Not 100% sure how to turn hardware acceleration on. Heck, I don't even think I have that option. When I searched online how to do it in general the change settings button on my laptop was greyed out. I think this is a more basic laptop. It's had-me-down from my sister and I doubt she put much into it. I will look into that Elgato Game Capture HD60 you mentioned. I may not be able to use it the exact same way you do, but that may help me out all the same. As for hiding stuff and disabling post play I use a combination of Flix Plus (it's for Chrome and I'm not sure if there's a way to convert it, but probably. Maybe?) to stop post play and AdBlock to hide the buttons and bars. I haven't tried disabling the post play via AdBlock or other methods yet. I've been meaning to do that for a while now. Anyway, thanks for the hardware tip! I'll look into it!
  6. truanifan678

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I hope you don't mind my asking, but for those who mentioned hardware for capturing Netflix video what do you use? I've been trying to look into stuff so I can record in HD, but don't know how to tell what will work with what combination. Right now all I can do is record my screen, but my screen size and graphics card (I think that's the culprit) is crap. 720p at best and laggy... Blocking the play bar or the navigation buttons isn't hard in my browser and stopping that Post-Play thing Netflix does at the end is easy too, but curse this and-me-down laptop. Thinking of it, I have an hdmi out on my laptop. Does that mean I could in theory capture HD from there with some extra hardware?
  7. truanifan678

    Megogo ripping

    Ah, you didn't specify any video in particular so I just randomly selected some from the site and that's how I came to what I suggested. MPD manifest is a different story especially if it's got DRM protection. I'll play around with it, but it's outside of what I already know. I'll also look into what DJHulp suggested. Not sure how far I'll get so hopefully there's somebody else with more expertise in this department. I only have basic knowledge so far.
  8. truanifan678

    Megogo ripping

    Just tested out a couple random videos from Megogo and from what I can see it's easier than you think. Looks like you can copy the m3u8 url and download the stream with the right software like ffmpeg, streamlink, vlc, etc. I mainly use either ffmpeg or streamlink and I mention vlc as an alternative since it runs on many operating systems and I've also done it that way too so I know it works. There's no absolute or only one way to download streams with m3u8 urls so search around. You can search online for "downloading streams m3u8" and your choice of software. That should get you started and point you in the right direction, but if you want more help beyond that I don't mind going into more detail with what I know (which a admit is limited compared to others).
  9. truanifan678

    Best way to download video streams from M3U8

    I usually use streamlink for my m3u8 needs. It's essentially livestreamer, but actively updated. You can also use ffmpeg with streamlink to transcode the audio and video in the same process. I know, I know. "Why not use ffmpeg at that point?" Because streamlink supports various sites so all I need to do is paste the page url and it does the rest. I don't need to waste time searching for the m3u8 url in the Network pane. I've used ffmpeg too. Depends on what I need done. I second youtube-dl. Usually works when streamlink doesn't.
  10. truanifan678

    Japanese to Engliish translation in anime

    I'm no expert either on Japanese language, but I figured it's the same way that in English we have loan words or phrases from other languages among other reasons. For example, you'll hear occasionally "Capisce?" instead of "Got it?" Or "faux pas" for when somebody makes a slip up. Or even "Sayonara" instead of "Goodbye." Of course they're occasionally horribly mispronounced, but I think in Japanese they've adopted English words for the same reason foreign words have become loan words or phrases in English. Another big reason I think the Japanese use English words a lot is because English is considered a global "bridge language" that's used in most international applications. [x] English being a bridge language for many countries ties into why many high schools in Japan require it and I've heard that many businesses will mandate their employees go to English classes or require it for certain jobs. For why they'd use in anime or other pop cultrual settings my best guess it it's for their uniqueness and since high schoolers and up have already been introduced to them in one way or another so they use them. Anyway, that's my take on it.
  11. truanifan678

    Download a Youtube Region Blocked video

    I might be able to rip it if you share the link. I've downloaded plenty of region blocked youtube videos without problems. Especially if they're Japan-only videos.
  12. While I miss Pika's funicom-dl I understand why it went private. I have plenty of video downloaders and media I've been swore not to share or even mention by name for those very reasons so it makes sense to me. I wish I could use it again, but understand at the same time. As for the issues with this downloader and timeout errors... You could try the ffmpeg mod which was mentioned earlier (I personally haven't tried it yet) or even try using streamlink in place of livestreamer as it might be a problem with livestreamer itself. I'm not sure how to use it with the downloader, but you could just type the commands yourself in Command Prompt. I think the method was described earlier. Streamlink is essentially livestreamer (commands are even the same) except it's actively being updated so whatever problem you're having may be fixed in streamlink. Just another thing I thought of.
  13. I hope it's okay for me to stick me nose in, but I don't think it's a problem with the downloader. I'm hoping I can offer some help...? The problem is the timeout error, right? I did have the timeout error several times too, but I've just successfully downloaded Saga of Tanya the Evil's episode 1 via the downloader and my own methods using the m3u8 url from the site. I think at times it's an error with the site, but what I found worked more often than not was logging in and getting the auth token saved to the config folder of the downloader. Though I did have errors randomly despite logging in I had better success after doing so. I think that while the stream isn't subscriber-only for that episode/series the stream requires the user specific auth token from logging in because of it being blocked for mature content. I don't think it's an internet speed issue since "--hls-segment-attempts 10 --hls-segment-threads 10 --hls-segment-timeout 60" all should remedy most crappy speed problems. I'm not 100% sure that logging in will fix the problem or not, but it seemed to help me when I tried to replicate the problem. If you've been logging in and still receiving the timeout error then I'm not sure what else to try... Since I could get it to work I'd be happy to upload the trouble episode if it'd help. Hopefully you can get it to work though.
  14. (awkward laughing) Just the beginning of the week I knew nothing about writing batch files or commands and now I have my own (albeit, crude) downloader. It muxes to mkv with softsubs, dual audio with subs, selects video size, saves with hardsubs, etc. Kudos to anybody who writes anything coz getting it to work the way I wanted (it's still not 100%) just about drove me nuts. Of course I'm still going to mess with it and get it exactly how I want it.

  15. Was working on a project, but discovered I had the wrong settings for the quality halfway through... Yup. Profile picture is pretty much how I feel at the moment. Have to start over. Maybe this time I can streamline the whole process...