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Hey motoshead, welcome to Kametsu Forums. We try to be a very lax and friendly community.. but sometimes spammers or leechers push our buttons a little hard and piss us off so we give em the ban hammer of justice, lol well not quite like that but you get the picture. Otherwise it's pretty easy to get along with everyone and the staff are friendly.

All we ask is that you try to stick around and post even after gaining access to the downloads rather then just posting till you get access and then never being heard from again. Even if it's just posting a thank you in the download topics, it's appreciated. It lets the uploaders know people are downloading their uploads and also shows your appreciation.

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I fully understand.

As much as having access to a very large library of show is great.

The fact the you are trying to push both a community feel and a general sense of respect is great.

That alone should encourage people to stick around keep contributing.

I for one do not enjoy getting flamed for voicing my opinion.

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