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Hi there!


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How did you find Forgotten Memories? I was trolling google :)

What RPG's have you played? A few, not too many.

What RPG's do you like? I play Runescape, alot! I'm a council elder of The Dragonz Clan, and have been a member for over a year. My stats aren't anything spectacular, I watch anime in another window while I'm training, so it makes the time pass quicker.

What RPG's have you beaten? I'm not really sure what qualifies here. Maybe someday I'll be able to say I beat Runescape.

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have? I wish for photoshop daily, I just can't justify spending $115 on it.

Do you have any questions? Relevent ones? Not atm but I'm sure I will.

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xD I seriously keep forgetting to update that topic. Well my photoshop v7 is pirated. :/ I couldn't afford to pay for it back like 8 years ago or w/e when I got it. I never bothered getting a newer version though either.

Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here and continue to stick around!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

I downloaded that Gimp thingy, once I play around with it a bit I'll let you know how it works out for me. (Great timing too I have a project I've been wanting to do for a little while now!)

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