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  1. thanx for the tip to make downloading multiple files easier :D

  2. Thanks for the info regarding downloading multiple files from MU etc... I've just read your thread and it helped me. Thanks!

  3. Go for Ubuntu, it's pretty Windows-like.
  4. marijuana is actually not bad. smoking it is somewhat harmful but as long as you vaporise or ingest it instead of smoking, there are no negative effects. Other drugs on the other hand, such as alcohol and tobacco, have serious negative effects in the long run.
  5. Make sure if you ever do try it, try it a couple of times because you don't really get high the first time.
  6. lol, you sound mad. Anyway, I think the voices for 3X3 EYES were weird, because some of the voice actors were great and then others (the monsters all were just some guy groaning into a microphone) fell short. I think it can get a pass though since it's an older anime.
  7. I sincerely disagree. maybe if you are talking about anime from the 80's or shonen then you are correct but almost all dubbing studios now have taken notice that anime viewers don't want the storyline touched at all. I have seen many series dubbed and subbed, many times the only thing different from the sub to dub is that the words are rearranged to make more sense in English.
  8. you should take a look at Mars of Destruction. Anime will be forever ruined for you.
  9. to sign a petition about making a oh my goddess video game


  10. Sure! What do you need?

  11. Truth post. I swear, every time I find someone new (in real life) that likes anime, I ask them their favs and I get pretty much the same response... Naruto, Bleach, ect. ect. I mean, I loved Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid, I thought it was a pretty awesome show, but now I'm almost twenty and I've moved on to shows that pertain to my interests more and it is just so confusing why people like me and you are few and far between.
  12. I'm like that, but the other way around. When watching a fan sub I am always worried they are mistranslating words in the show, because overall a fan sub is less professional than a studio dub. But then their are Shonen shows like Naruto and others that feel like they need to change the dub up to make it sound more Americanized, and I hate that with a passion... but as long as I am watching something that's dubbed that's not shonen or meant for kids, I'm usually more confident in a dub than a sub.
  13. can you do me a favor

  14. Sounds good to me, if this were to happen I would still not participate but would also not be against it either.
  15. Struck a nerve eh, Koby? It's your choice in the end to bring it back or not, I just don't want it because I enjoy this forum and every other forum I have been to with RPing has been filled with a user-base that I don't like. If you think it's going to up the quality of posts, go for it. I'm still voting no and am not going to participate.
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