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Hi there, I just joined today. I guess you can call me Shun. I am female, and am 29 years of age. I live in Queensland, Australia. I like anime (obviously, lol) and have done ever since I was a little kid, and I grew up watching stuff like Sailor Moon, and Robotech.


My favorite genres of anime are action, horror, thriller, fantasy. I also like to watch Magical Girl anime, like Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew, etc. I will pretty much watch anything, as long as it's not hentai smut. 


If anyone has any anime that they have seen and would like to personally recommend, that would be much appreciated. While we're on the subject of that, I just bought this dvd boxset at a garage sale. It's called Project Arms, and I loved every minute of it! So that would be one that I am definitely going to recommend  should anyone be asking. ;)






Shun  :red_heart:  :red_heart:  :red_heart:

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Woah, another Aussie! We're slowly taking over this forum! Anyway, welcome to the forums! :P

A good Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) anime is Puella Magi madoka Magica. Also, if you haven't seen Code Geass - watch it!
Wait, there's a project Arms anime? I remember reading the manga as a kid, it gave me the creeps. Good none the less! XD

If you have any questions, don't be shy and ask! We don't bite! ... Well, there is this one guy...

Anyway... I'm getting a bit carried away now. Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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I wouldn't put too much stock on that IMDb page, though. They previously had it slated for a January release, and if you take a peek through the comments, it seems they just pulled that January date from thin air. You can also read about it here. Unless it was like a super limited release on January, but it's still pretty shady for them to put dates without any citations or official announcements attached to them.

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