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  1. What is mpv by the way?
  2. Sunday is couch potato day :D

  3. This community is more than an anime download center for me and so I love Kametsu and will stay unless The Last of Us or Kingdom like apocalypse happen in our time then with a heavy heart I will dropped anime/video games/Kametsu because I'll be slaying them in real life and then my is heart no longer heavy
  4. This change really sucks but the only thing that is constant is change. I will still visit every now and then.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Condolence for their families and love ones
  6. Not at all. But I'm following Chaos Legion and his quiet for the longest time. Sorry for being insensitive
  7. Hello Kametsu and staff, It's my first time posting in this part of community so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. One question, if a members's status is set as "Retired" does that mean that person is already dead in real life? As in deceased, no zombie or anything. Thank you. Regards, griver_007
  8. I hope its just temporary.
  9. Good news, its about the video renderer. I no longer remember the default but when I changed it to custom MadVR it works. All of your input were appreciated. Many thanks to Kametsu community. Until next time.
  10. Story of my life! Well at this moment I will send an inquiry to the developers. There's got to be a work around. I hope.
  11. Encode and since you've mentioned 10-bit I've notice that ZP has no problem playing 8-bit videos. So I guess you nailed it. Its not easy for me to give it up since I bought the premium version of it but I will try this MPHC-HC once I've exhausted every technical solutions/recommendations to make ZP work....hopefully!
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