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I'm here!


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- How did you find Kametsu?


- What do you think of the place so far?

I've downloaded a few things from the IRC, but this is my first time at the forums. At a glance it looks well organized.

- How active are you planning on being?

Time will tell I suppose lol. I generally don't like to talk for the sake of talking, and can be more active at times than at others, depending on my mood and how busy I am in rl. Most of the I spend online is at AnimePassion right now, and I try to minimize the number of sites I visit. But too many times my searches for stuff have led me here so I decided it was time to sign up!

- What are your top five anime?

Code Geass, Clannad, Haruhi Suzumiya, Tenchi Muyo, and I think I'll have to say Slayers just because it's so much fun!

- Top five video games?

Age of Empires II will always be my favorite. Tomb Raider series, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and of course everything Final Fantasy.

- What other hobbies do you have?

When I'm not watching anime I'm usually writing computer software (it's my living), reading a good book, or playing a video game.

- Make any graphics?


- Do you have any questions for us?


So with that I'll just say hi everyone and take a look around!

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Ello FoxesDen, welcome to Kametsu. Probably one of the older anime communities around in the niche of downloading. Kametsu was started in 2004, although it's had several restarts and stuff that was mostly out of our hands/control and couldn't be avoided and such.

Good to see another familiar face join the community. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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