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  1. FoxesDen

    I'm here!

    Thanx Koby! I didn't realize it's been around that long. After seeing the amount of activity here I realized it was older than I thought it was. It's nice having a second "good" anime site to refer to!
  2. I could never get into DBZ. Too much grunting and groaning for me. My brother loves it though and has it all on DVD. I don't think I've ever watched any of the anime they show on TV here. I have a rather large collection of older anime on DVD that I used to always watch.
  3. I've read The Hobbit twice and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy three times! I've also read The Silmarillion, which I recommend to anybody who wants to know more about the history of Middle Earth during the First Age. I last read "The King's Buccaneer" and am currently reading "Shadow of a Dark Queen" belonging to The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist. I highly recommend this series to anybody who likes fantasy novels. After the initially trilogy comes The Empire Trilogy, and I absolutely LOVED this set!
  4. You're mean lol. No offense taken, but I did say, "I was being facetious more than anything, in my support of males playing female characters." And yes there is a point where it can creepy, but not admitting an anime or game character is hot because he/she isn't real is silly too.
  5. I have both as well, but only use the Xbox when I have to because there's no PS3 version, which isn't often. I only bought an Xbox because it was the only platform for "Tales of Vesperia" when it first came out.
  6. I maxed out / finished everything in Skyrim a long time ago, although I haven't looked at the Dawnguard DLC yet. Not sure if I'll ever bother, but if I do I'll be sure to give that guy in Windhelm his sweetroll lol. My brother's been messing around in Dead or Alive 5, but once he's finished with that it's on to Resident Evil 6.
  7. FoxesDen

    I'm here!

    Thanx everyone! I've been browsing the forums getting myself familiar with the regulars and staff. I guess I can't edit my avatar until I have my 15 posts either, but that should come soon enough.
  8. @Emotional Outlet - That's why I said, "or there's something to be gained by it." But I was being facetious more than anything, in my support of males playing female characters. @Mute point - Just pixels? Gah, I gotta disagree when people say that. Fantasy characters can be a lot more sexy than the real thing, and they will always be drawn or pixels. But of course we live in a diverse world with a diverse range of people and tastes. The world would be pretty boring if we all felt the same way about everything!
  9. Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo! The original bad-ass chick! I absolutely love the English voice actress for her too, Petrea Burchard. It's the only character she's ever voiced, other than a minor part in Serial Experiments Lain. I also love Urd from Ah! My Goddess, just cause I think she's sexy!
  10. In a game with nice graphics, I think any guy playing a male character instead of female is either gay (which is fine of course), or too young to really appreciate the opposite sex properly lol. (Which again is fine!) Of course a guy might be roleplaying as well and thus choose a male character. I'm pretty sure that when I was 12 I would've rather played a male character and imagine being some tough hulking warrior type. But the only reason I'd play a male now is if it's my only choice, or there's something to be gained by it.
  11. Obtaining three Zodiac Spear's in FF12. Anybody who's tried to do the same can tell you how long this can take lol.
  12. I watch with dubs, but also turn on full subtitles. I like to get the full experience lol. Not that I read all the subs intently, but I can glance at them for a different perspective. Although I prefer the dubs, I'll watch good shows in subs when there is no dub for it. Sub-only fanatics that constantly shoot down dubs piss me off. Dubs aren't nearly as bad as some people seem to think. It's not that they're less emotional or whatever, it's that they're styled more to typical English behaviour, which tends to be less excitable. Constantly keeping my eyes on the subs instead of the anime sux, and the frequent pausing or rewinding for some material..... no thanx.
  13. I saw a Tenchi Muyo DVD on the shelf, thought it looked fun, bought it, fell in love with it, then bought everything related to the series! After that I bought all three seasons of Slayers and everything Fushigi Yuugi except the 3rd OVA which wasn't out yet. I eventually bought an awful lot of anime on DVD. (This was long before blu-ray was available.) Good thing I made lots of money at the time, because back then it cost $30-50 per disk! An entire series was damned expensive lol.
  14. Anybody who judges FF8 on gameplay alone probably shouldn't be playing Japanese RPGs. Granted the gameplay was a little weak in this game, but the characters and the story are on a level that I don't think has ever been duplicated since. Back when this first came out, my brother captured all the CG animations in the game on his computer. Video capture was still fairly new back then, and analog, so the quality leaves something to be desired. But to this day we still watch them once in a while for the nostalgia. You really feel the amazing story and characters just from watching the CGs. BTW, anybody who plays this game, make sure to watch all the credits. Not only for the video they show during the first part of the credits, but for an important scene they show after the credits have finished.
  15. Avoid reading any spoilers for Code Geass. It's my absolute favorite anime. I've watched it three times now, and always want to watch it again whenever I start a new series lol. I'm currently almost finished K-ON!! (season 2), and although it's not really bad, I gotta say I'm looking forward to finishing it so I can start something else.
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