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Hai I'm New

Crow Nightroad

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How did you find Kametsu? I was searching for a nice anime forum to use. But everyone was using VB or a cheap knock off of IPB/VB.

What do you think of the place so far? I like it so far, lots of culture.

How active are you planning on being? Typically on everyday. Posting will range between 20-50 posts a day.

What are your top five anime? Hmm that is a hard one, can I get back to ya on that one?

Top five video games? Battlefield 3, Halo 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, and Supreme Commander

What other hobbies do you have? Generally Gaming, Web Administration/Design, Networking & IT.

Make any graphics? Once I get PS I will.

Do you have any questions for us? Nope

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Right oh mate. Overall I never really liked VB, now granted you can do a lot more since it's a coders paradise. But besides all that I prefer IPB since it's much more clean finish to it and such. not as cluttered. I have been working around IPB for years now. With XBL Gaming Communities - Social Forums. But this is the first real "English" Anime IPB Forum.

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Yeah, as EO said, it was only just recently we switched from vB3.7 to IPB. It was time for an update and I didn't like how vB has been headed since Internet Brands purchased it. We're still working things out since the switchand finding features missing that we wished IPB had (many of which should be included by default) which don't even have mods for. Sadly it seems most of IPBs modding community is all about adding little features that should either be default or don't really add any functionality. I miss the vB modding community where modders really went all out with features and abilities, but we're slowly getting use to the change.

Kametsu was initially an IPB board back in the days of it's creation, but had to switch when it became a paid software and the old version became so exploited. So in a ways, we're back to our roots. Though we have been through IPB, SMF, Invisionfree (for a short period due to hosting issues years ago), vB, and back to IPB.

We have a lot of history, and we like it like that. Speaking of which, EO has been around herself since like 2004 or 2005 (despite what her join date says, because the forum was restarted from scratch at one point several times).

Welcome to the community, hopefully you'll grow to become one of the regulars and enjoy your stay.

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I understand where your coming from. VB's community had far more than that of what IPB has. Because VB was made around the idea of being a Coders paradise. Unlike IPB where things are more restricted and such. But in reality though for me I prefer it, as the clean and smooth finish to it. and hopefully IPB will include a lot of the Mods/Hooks/Addons that are out there as a default setting.But until then mate we gotta do what we gotta do. Also I like this forum more, because it has history and a strong culture surrounding it. So therefore I will be spending quite a bit of my time on here. And hopefully help you in the future with expansion into a much better network. But until then I'm liking what I'm seeing here. And It's good to have a warm welcome too.

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