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  1. Hoping for a come behind victory for flying witch but that seems impossible as Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World is to far ahead. lol
  2. Honestly for everyday use there isn't really a best version of windows 10 in my opinion, as all windows 10 editions in there core forms are practically the same. But my personal preference for Windows 10 would be the Pro/Professional Edition solely for the reason that you can defer upgrades. This function is also available on the Enterprise edition as well.
  3. Crap, Sorry about that. My mistake. Correct Nomination: Flying Witch
  4. I'll take a shot in the dark and nominate 91 Days
  5. I honestly can't think of another series that has a main character that has the same qualities as Hanchiman, but if your looking for a character that has a similar realist outlook on life, then Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, should be right up your alley, So check it out if you haven't. Sorry if my suggestion isn't exactly what you were looking for.
  6. Newly Completed:- Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) Rating: 8/10 (the series didn't disappoint it was what I expected it to be considering Ufotables work on Fate/Zero) No-Rin Rating: 7/10 (this one i just happened to randomly pick up and decided to give it a try, surprisingly the raunchy comedy aspects of the show was handled in excellently and as a comedy series goes i can't think of better suggestion for anyone that just wants an anime series to unwind with. Besides who can refuse an anime series based on Agri-Culture.) Food Wars Rating: 7/10 (was a bit disappointed in this show to be honest, but then again its a shounen series, only the reason i completed was because of megumi as I throughly enjoyed her overall character development. ) Re-watched:- Code Geass R1 Hellsing Ultimate
  7. Current background nothing real great or special pretty basic.
  8. haven't been consistently on-line here in about a year. A lot has changed. O_O i feel old.lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hagi


      lol, i was referring to the changes.

    3. J-Lord


      Welcome Back!

    4. RegorTheGreat


      Good to hear from you.  I've been sort of MIA myself buried in work and projects that makes me almost feel like a stranger here...

  9. Any Car Audio enthusiast or Competitors on here?

    1. Koby


      Not a competitor but I do have an amp and 2 12"'s in my car.

  10. mirrors edge, and replaying the final fantasy 13 saga
  11. first and foremost the game must have a good story. A game can have flawless game-play but if it doesn't have the appropriate story to keep the player interested in continuing the game to the end then the game isn't worth playing. though I believe this should only be applied to big-budget games and titles, smaller budget games gameplay would be more important overall for example angry birds and plants vs zombies.
  12. fine if thats your opinion on the matter, but it seems you took offense with the phrase "we who distribute files" as you said that i'm just as bad so i'm assuming you mean i'm just as bad as morgan freeman, fine thats not a problem. So what phrase should I off used instead of "we who distribute files"? should i off used "At the end of the day pirates who distribute files"? or "At the end of the day the person who distribute files"? feel free to add a phrase if you want. So you say laws aren't not always correct fine this is true, but for the time being there are laws set in place to prevent the distribution of files (what ever they maybe) without proper authorization from the creators or who ever has the rights or claims ownership of said file. So from the above reply when you say "quite a few people only want to share and not take any profit" are you referring to the persons who share files with others without asking for any money in any shape or form? if this is the case then i'm assuming that you think these people are right because there not asking for money that their not actually pirating? (please clarify this) So i'm entitled to a "false statement" ok fine well I will be awaiting for your false statement as well. P.S. Don't take what i'm typing above as an insult towards you I know it may look like it but its not what I intended. i would just like clarification.
  13. i Fail to see the relevance of this thread. Its Morgan Freemans' own opinion and i fail to understand how it concerns you. At the end of the day we who distribute files what ever they maybe through unofficial channels are in the wrong and we have no right to complain against other persons/businesses etc who are trying to protect their assets. You shouldn't be disgusted by his comments anyways, I mean once you at least purchase some of the stuff you download in order to support its creators.
  14. Dam. the english dubbing of Maria Holic Sucks a$$ -_-

  15. hagi

    Dragon Ball Z

    so Frieza is going to come back? so i'm assuming this movie takes place before both the android saga and cell saga? So what? does Frieza loose again here goes home gets reformatted into a sort of android and thens comes back to earth with King Cold and gets beaten by Future trunks? Or is this Dragon Ball Z Movie doing a JJ.Abrams star trek with an alternate time-line stick?
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