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  1. Actually the Kinect is a rather big success on the Xbox 360 so far. As it's been attracting quite a bit of family oriented groups to start playing the the Xbox 360. Overall from my personal look on this, I have now charted the motion censors Wii = God Xbox 360 Kinect = Jesus lol Playstation Move = People thingys lol But I'm not being biest either, I have tried the move and it's just terrible lol
  2. *Updated* Xbox Live Gamer-Tag: Karasu Soul Games I Play: Assassin's Creed III Battlefield 3 (Soon To Be) Halo 4 (Soon To Be) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 And other misc games.
  3. I have finally returned after such a damn long time of working >_<

  4. I have a strong hate for life right now. This girl says she loves me and such. Then turns around and hops into another guy's lap...

  5. Sorry I haven't been on much in like ever. Ever since I started school, things have been hell. Along with my lady friend requires more time from me. Girls -_- so needy =P

  6. I'm enjoying the blends that I'm seeing so far. Keep it up mate.
  7. Sorry I meant "While" lol. But idk if the mate is making new forum boards for popular genres. I just say make all the genres their own sub-forum under gaming. Less cost anyway lol
  8. Possibly making of banners, If you would like PM me. Idk if you charge anything since it's outside of Kametsu and such.
  9. I feel the more popular Genres should have their own board, such as FPS, RPG, Etc. Why the lesser not as popular genres such as Strategy and Music/Family should be on here.
  10. Enjoying NationStates thanks to EO :D. Starting the school year off nicely and the Gaming Community I'm in is officially starting recruitment this weekend :D

  11. Eh GTA has always been a great series. But I feel with this one there is more they could bring into effect.
  12. Woot mah website is looking hella lot better now. And with a bit more GFX added and such. I think it'll be smexi =). But my downer to the day is school starts in the morning >_<

  13. I think that while there's a lot you can do with GIMP, it's kind of limiting in a person's abilities. I started with GIMP, though I never really delved into all the aspects of it. But it seems like Photoshop has more options and styling tools that make certain effects really easy to pull off. Hence the purpose of me wanting to get PS along with Abode After Effects. Which can give me the best possible look and such.
  14. Generally need help with banners is all. I'm too poor for PS, and as said before I refuse to pirate things. Found out the hard way lol.
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