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Family Guy

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Don't miss Vinny. Good thing Brian came back lol.

Vinny was a mistake on Family Guy's part, I think. I guess they didn't see how replacing an old character would have such an effect on the show. Also they made it really dramatic too.

Speaking on that subject, I still enjoy Family Guy somewhat, but I love the older episodes because they are cleaner in their content. It was more of what I liked; the new episodes aren't really afraid to push the limits of what's okay and what's questionable (Example: The episode where Meg was going to fight a bully, and she used several very disgusting ways to "defeat" him)


Overall though, Family Guy hasn't lost it's charm when it comes to dumb humor, it's nice to just shut down my brain and enjoy a laugh or two.

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I enjoy watching Family Guy. But lately I have grown bored of watching Family Guy for some reason. For what I have seen, the animation has increased slightly but I do find the jokes to be more bland every time. There are some hit and miss jokes but overall the running joke segments and satirical commentaries always seem ordinary and not original like it used to. But I still enjoy the show overall.

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I still like Family Guy and i probably always will, but it's lost so much of what it used to be. It's basically the Stewie and Brian show now and all they do is try and push things as far as they can when it comes shock value.


I would love it to go back to how it was in seasons 1-4, the show was far better back then. It doesn't even feel like the same show anymore.

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