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  1. I admit it, I'm a leech too. I joined this site for the downloads only when CW closed down and I'm pretty gutted that the downloads section is gone for good. This place had the rarest stuff and it's an absolute bastard that that stuff is gone for good. But at the same time, I fully understand why you did what you did, there really was no choice, it was that or the possibility of going to prison. You and the rest of the site have my thanks for all you have given me and I wish you all good luck for the future. Good luck and goodbye ( although, it's probably not goodbye for good, I'll probably still check up on the site now and again )
  2. I really hope not, but i expect there will be. We seem to be going through a period right now where film and tv is all about mediocrity and milking things to death.
  3. If you're not familiar with Dragon Ball, then what you said will confuse the hell out of people. I agree with what you say by the way. I haven't enjoyed this show pretty much from the beginning. Honestly, if it wasn't for the already huge fanbase, i think this show would have failed miserably. The transformations are ridiculous in super, they all have stupid names too. I know there were a lot in DBZ, but it was more fresh back then. We can't seem to go more than 10 episodes without some silly new form and the characters acting all stunned because of it. Since the early episodes of this show, i have been saying it's the worst thing thing to ever happen to the franchise.....i still feel the same way now. People have said it has improved a lot since the early episodes, but i think they are deluding themselves. It's improved a tiny bit, but it's still a load of rubbish. Once it ends and people look back on it in a few years, i think they see it for what it really is.
  4. It's some of the worst animation i have ever seen in an anime, possibly the worst. I could give you hundreds of examples ( not an exaggeration ) of poor animation in this show. If they held this show back by one more year then it could have been good, but they just had to rush it. I still to this day think this show is a stain on the franchise, much more than Dragon Ball GT. GT had it's problems but this show is on a different level, and i don't just mean the animation either. Pretty much everything just seems so unlike a Dragon Ball show to me. Every episode seem's to have problems. It's like a parody fan made Dragon Ball anime........actually, that is unfair on the fans, they could do a much better job than this. I just can't take it serious as a fan. I find it to be a insult to people that have followed this franchise for so long. Urgh, i gotta stop reading up about this show, it makes me rant too much
  5. A good series that went on too long. Too much filler stops this anime being a classic in my opinion. Also, following it up with Boruto is just milking the franchise, nobody is even asking for it to be made. The story is over now, there is nothing more to tell. All we will get with Boruto is more of the same, the only difference will be the stupid name. Sometimes it's best just to call it a day.
  6. I'm fed up with reboots now ( i have been for a while really ) It's like everything that get's rebooted is terrible or mediocre these days. It shouldn't be this way really. The people that grew up watching these shows / movies are now the ones making them, so how are they getting it so wrong ?
  7. I gave up on watching DBS for a few reasons. 1) It's a pretty awful Anime. 2) I'm not a fan of Japanene voice acting and it started to grate in the end. Now that it's been dubbed i will give it a go again. I have never really been a fan of Funimation's Dragon Ball dubs though. This is their most popular anime that they dub, but it always comes across as their worst to me. Maybe they try too hard or something. I also don't like that so many characters have different voice actors now and that some of the original voice actors don't quite sound the same anymore. Some of these things can't be helped but it's still pretty annoying to hear. I watched some of the first dubbed episode and Goten's voice is pretty unbearable, it's even worse than it was originally.
  8. Even if they do drink too much then it still shouldn't be banned. Here in the UK it already feel's like we have turned into a nanny state, we are forever getting told what we should and shouldn't be doing.
  9. It's got to be the flat Earth conspiracy. I just don't understand how there can be people around that think this way,
  10. I agree. I have loved the Ocean Dub since i was a child and nothing has changed. I have often said that the worst Anime Funimation has ever dubbed is Dragon Ball Z. I have always felt like they try too hard to make it their top anime, they don't sound natural to me.
  11. Probably Roy Mustang, in the original series and Brotherhood.
  12. Cartoons these days just seem retarded, even the character designs are retarded. Just look at the latest Scooby Doo series Look at him, he look's like he need's to be put down.
  13. "Let that child alone" Easily the most hilarious dub i have heard.
  14. I have 2 in my room. A Samsung 32 inch LED Full HD TV for my games consoles and an LG 32 inch LED Full HD TV for watching tv and playing / watching stuff on my PC.
  15. American Dad, as soon the Conway Twitty stuff started happening in Family Guy, i started to get more and more annoyed with it. The characters just aren't likeable anymore, the animation has one angle, the jokes are lazy and over used, the writing is bad and characters voices have become really annoying, it's just become a really lazy show now. The last great series of Family Guy was series 4, just after they returned from being cancelled. American Dad is still very good, the characters are pretty much the same as they were when it started, the animation is better than Family Guy's even though it's the same style and the writing is better. I have probably had more laugh out loud moments watching Family Guy, but American Dad is just one of those shows i can just put on the tv for hours and never get bored. Family Guy would really start to annoy me after more than an hour.
  16. I'm not expecting anything great to be honest. I can't remember the last time a film blew me away so i'm not expecting it with this one, especially when it's a film of an anime.
  17. It's such a shame that filler has been allowed to dominate Naruto really, it may well have been one of my favourite Anime series if it had less of it. I'm actually someone who likes filler, but when nearly half of the show is filler, it becomes a bit too much. I can just about handle 220 episodes of the first Naruto series, but Shippuden is just way too much. We are nearly at 500 episodes now, i just don't think i have the patience to sit down and watch nearly 700 episodes and a bunch of OVA's and Movies of Naruto, it's gone past over kill now.
  18. I know the exact date, Match 6th 2000, it's when Dragon Ball Z first aired in the UK. I was 10, nearly 11, and from that day i loved anime. Me and my younger brother who was 7 at the time never missed new episodes of Dragon Ball Z. We then had Tenchi Muyo and Gundam wing which was also brilliant.
  19. Too many and it's really frustrating. Tokko is the one that frustrated me the most. I really enjoyed this anime, the ending just left you wondering what the hell happened and what will happen next. Ghost Hunt is another. It finished off ok-ish, but i think it needed another series. Tokyo Underground........well, it didn't need another series, just 1 or 2 more episodes to wrap things up properly. Black Blood Brothers. I loved the final episode, but it needed another series, the story was just beginning. There is probably plenty more i can think of. We got it, it was called Dragon Ball GT. Not brilliant but i thought the ending was a nice way to end things for Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super is around now though and i have my doubts that it can end the series on a high note.
  20. I think the best thing for you to do is just pick something at random yourself. We are all going to come up with something different for you and it's going to leave you in the same position you are in now.
  21. It's not just the bad animation you need to deal with though, it's just a poor anime in general. I grew up with Dragon Ball, i'm a massive fan, but even as big a fan as i am, i can't ignore how bad it is. In my opinion, it's worse than GT.
  22. Love the Phantasy Star series so i will have to check this show out. Looking at the trailer it doesn't seem to be very Phantasy Star like, it just looks like any other anime really.
  23. 9 episodes in and i have got to say that Dragon Ball Super has been absolute garbage. 1) Animation is terrible, i can't think of an anime that has been as badly animated as this. This alone is making it really hard to watch. 2) Character designs suck, most of the characters don't look like their old selves. The characters hair, the shape of the characters, their size, sometimes they are too skinny, Piccolo and Dende's ears pointing out rather than up. Everything just looks wrong. 3) Plot, boring. 4) Music, awful. 5) Characters not like their old selves. 6) Pilaf gang, they aren't needed at all and they still haven't explained in the series why they are kids again. It would take 20 seconds to explain it. 7) Comedy, it's nothing like Dragon Ball comedy at all. 8) From episode 9. Fetus Pan being a Super Saiyan.............yeah, ok. So we are meant to believe that a fetus, that is only quarter Saiyan, can achieve something that 99.9% of pure blooded Saiyans could never achieve in their lifetime ? It's stupid. People thought that GT was bad ? well, this has been a lot worse so far. If it wasn't for the reputation of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z then this show would fail.
  24. I love this series personally and i'm glad it's getting a Blu-Ray release.
  25. I'm both excited and concerned. I'm not a fan of the new animation style and some of Akira Toriyama's idea's haven't impressed me at all. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is really stupid and unoriginal in my opinion. I'm hoping that characters other than Goku and Vegeta get a chance to shine. I'm tired of Saiyans and their transformations. But with Goku and Vegeta's power levels being so much higher than the rest i can't see that happening now. I'm hoping we get to see these 12 universes that was mentioned in Battle of the God's and i hope Uub is in it.
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