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  1. Watching Inuyasha again to see the difference in Final Act from English and Japanese.
  2. I would have to agree with Crystal. Some are better as one and some the other. It's the change from plot that often hinders the overall story plot. I sometimes find myself going to the book version of something to understand something that wasn't in the movie or vice versa.
  3. I ALMOST had to watch this movie a second time to understand exactly what was going on. I love a good thinking puzzle and for that this movie was superb.
  4. I found out the difference based on what I saw on cartoon network and the difference between that and Adult Swim. There was just something different about shows on Adult Swim, hence adult, that made me realize the difference.
  5. How are they? I haven't seen them as well.
  6. Ever since I came across RPG games, I feel like a Sage would best suit me. Mage has been my choice for many different RPG or MMORPG games. Who said there's no such thing as magic ?
  7. You can't go wrong with Pokemon. I still play and I am in college. The story line may get repetitive but something about it just doesn't bore me.
  8. There are so many shows that could have more seasons. Highschool of the Dead and Rosario + Vampire would be nice.
  9. I would say either Girls Bravo or Kanokon. Both had strong implications of "naughtiness". But that's just me hehe.
  10. Like aleatorio, Pokemon would be the first anime I've seen. At the time I didn't know it was an anime as well, just another cartoon. I didn't even know what anime was nor did it existed. Good old days.
  11. Elfen Lied definitely as one of the best stories. It may be gory but there was certainly a plot there and a lesson behind it that I found enjoyable.
  12. I have watched videos on how to beat him and never was able to sadly. I could never block in time when the command thing shows up and end up getting wrecked. His attack where he gets you down to 1 HP just drove me insane. I could barely get the chance to heal. People I have seen timed using elixirs that they heal right after their hp drops to 1.
  13. I actually just finished watching up to season 8 of this show. The jokes that occur here and there are funny and in my opinion is a great way to make me laugh when I am down.
  14. I actually found out about FF through Kingdom Hearts 2. All of the disney characters were familiar to me except for some, who I then found out were FF by searching online.
  15. Emotional, how exactly does one accumulate posts? I don't want to sound like I am here just to get posts, but it says I currently have one post. How does it get counted?
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