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  1. Elchzard

    Computer won't turn on

    So what actually happens when you try to turn it on? Does anything happen at all, or you get literally nothing?
  2. Elchzard


    <@Kain_Dragoon> lol holyshit <@Kain_Dragoon> this game encourages carebears through democracy More IRC logs. No - I have no clue either.
  3. Elchzard


    <@Musicman> maybe One line of IRC log... My client copies stuff randomly. xD And I cannot wait for that game.
  4. Elchzard

    Playing Mkv files on Ps Vita?

    PS Vita doesn't support mkv files. The absolute easiest converter I know of is Freemake. Just looking now, it seems to claim that there's no loss of quality, but I don't know if that's true - I'll check now and get back to you. :3
  5. Elchzard

    What is your daily routine?

    I'll do my school one, as my holidays basically consist of staying up too late, getting up too late, and doing pretty much nothing at all. 0600 Wake up Complain Get up Shower, brush teeth, etc Check what's happened generally on my online haunts since I went to bed 0715 Leave for school 0750 Arrive at school Head to cantine to meet my friends Eat Eat Eat 0835 Leave cantine for registration 0840 Arrive at registration with my atrocious form tutor Complain Read / Work 0850 Leave for morning lessons 0900 40 or 80 minute lesson Another 40 minute lesson 1040 Sprint to cantine to make tea and grab biscuits before they're all gone Complain 1100 2x40 minute lessons or an 80 minute lesson 1240 Sprint to cantine to get a good place in the lunch queue Eat Complain 1300 Leave cantine, and then head to library and work, or just bum around for 20 minutes 1320 4x40 minute lessons or 2x80 minute lessons 1600 Sprint to cantine to make tea and grab nutella before it's all gone Complain Bum around 1720 Get ready for "prep", when you're supposed to do homework - But 98% of people watch anime or game for an hour unless there are exams coming up 1730 Arrive at prep Take the register of other students 1830 Sprint downstairs to cantine to get a good place in dinner queue Sit at the same table with the same people, eat Complain 1910 Cease bumming around and head to prep 2. Register 2010 Leave prep, go to sports hall or a friend's room Work if exams are coming up Bum around Complain 2130 Leave for home 2200 Arrive home Work Anime Play guitar Computer 2330 Music + Sleep Yaaaaay school. Apologies for the long post XD
  6. Elchzard

    [Tutorial] Linux IRC client installation (Ubuntu)

    I'll mention that in the next 2 sections, and maybe get the thread renamed.
  7. Elchzard

    Steam Summer Sale!

    Just picked up Binding of Isaac for £0.99! I can say I participated! XD
  8. Corrupted HDD. YAY. :(

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    2. Emotional Outlet
    3. Elchzard


      thanks guys... maybe recovering the data now, but who knows... :(

    4. Digatu


      HDD Regenerator is awesome hdd tool :)I've had it save harddrives or recover them enough to get data off them. It remagnetizes the sectors etc.

  9. Elchzard

    Does anything really annoy you?

    Sitting in a room with open doors. I cannot abide it. Also ignorant people. It sounds harsh, but the people who could understand something if they attempted to, but still don't try to, just make me insanely annoyed. Oh, and people trying to make comments about something they know nothing about. My mother about computers, for example.
  10. Elchzard

    Steam Summer Sale!

    I got the same deal at Christmas! Of course I had *ahem* played all the games before, but it was nice to finally own them Lack of money is awful anyway, even worse during Steam Sale season xD
  11. Elchzard

    Steam Summer Sale!

    Definitely go for that if you have the cash, then. AC is a friggin' amazing series :3
  12. Elchzard

    Steam Summer Sale!

    I think PC gamers are now all aware that Steam's summer sale has started. But what are you going to be buying? Personally, I have one sentiment on this topic: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE BROKE THIS MONTH? WHYYYYYYYYYY? D: I'll probably grab something for the £2.49 I have in my bank account, or borrow from my brother, if the deal is good enough... But unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to pick anything more than that up How about the rest of you, though? What have you got so for, any plans to invest in any of the dev packs, and what are your hopes for the daily deals?
  13. Elchzard

    Need Help with IRC (Mac)

    If you come to IRC now either via webchat or - if you did manage to get XChat-azure installed, on that - I might be able to help. No guarantees though.
  14. Elchzard

    [Tutorial] Linux IRC client installation (Ubuntu)

    Nope, that's that. Thanks!