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  1. A call for donations

    I am skint atm but will help out when I can. Though If it comes down to it I'm sure like me others will step up to keep us alive. To everyone who helps you have my as one of the uploaders and project members sincere thanks, and hope you enjoy the content this form brings in.
  2. AC | Anime Index

    Once comparisons are done between them, neko and slender. EDIT: YES
  3. I may start providing a link to view and watch from my plex server to people as a test im going to be doing. Anyone interested PM me.

  4. How's y'all day going?

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    2. Nabull


      @ACCMare you going by choice? If yes don't talk to me college sucks:hguit5:

    3. Nabull


      @VONwhat do you mean 

    4. VON


      @Nabull You mention you are have gone back to college, I was just saying I have to.

  5. AC | Anime Index

    Soooooooooooooo, It's been a while since I have worked on shit, but now I am back for a bit I guess. Check the main post for the status and order of which I am doing things.
  6. Do happen to have an news on your progress for Tales of Zestiria X?

    1. (AC)


      AC is currently unavailable at this moment please leave a message after the beep..."beeeep"


      Heh, in all seriousness dude I just have not been in any mood for projects last few weeks.  I have been watching shit/catching up on series.


      I will pump out some episodes or complete before Feb.

    2. Nabull


      Hello? Customer service? 

      MY AC isn't working :haha:

    3. anubissev


      Ah. I kinda figured it was something to that degree. Must appreciated for the response


  7. Holy fuck, Overloard got a season 2!!


    Where have I been.. merry fucking Christmas and a great new year. 

    1. Scyrous
    2. NeutralHatred


      Welcome to, like, weeks ago.

      I think it's airing Winter 2017/2018.

  8. Happy Christmas from here in the UK:byebye:

    1. mrbaer


      Happy Holidays from the USA to all of you

    2. EljayFlintok


      Happy holidays from Germany! xD

    3. VON


      Merry Christmas from a fellow UK citizen!

  9. So how's everyone's day? Want to start a vote on AOTM here? Hell lets all start a one word story ^A....
  10. Fuck this thread, I'm un-following... Damm notifications every two seconds and emails popping up
  11. Someone want to point me in the correct way to what would be considered the best release(s) for naruto Shippuden dual?

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    2. EljayFlintok


      I tried a few times to actually find the best for Shippuden. It's not that easy, there is nothing really consistently good for dual audio out there that I could find. @J363 Your's may be 720p but they don't have any subtitles ergo signs so misses out some information required to fully enjoy it.  BakaBT has RAX and Chaosblades 480p up until Season 11. After that nothing on Baka and nothing consistent I think anywhere else. I wish there was a proper 720p dual audio release from when they made the change from 480p. 

    3. Etzimal


      W/e BakaBT has, LTZ's episodes and @J363's episodes.


      At least, that's what I have archived.

    4. J363


      @EljayFlintok True, mine don't have subtitles. Mine are mostly for those who want to enjoy the English dub. Since I synced it, I can't put in subtitles because it could mess up the whole flow. However, for most episodes from 349 and up you can add the subtitles of HorribleSubs with no issue. As for the ones before 349, they were done by wrongfun and getting subs in them is practically impossibe I'm afraid.

  12. Anyone here play on xbox? 


    Games im currently on are -


    Destiny 2

    Call of duty ww2

    Gears of war 4

  13. Well if you sort out the subtitles. I guess I can sort out the audio.
  14. I have notes that the audio needs splicing just to let you know.