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Black ★ Rock Shooter


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Plot:In spring, two girls meet: Mato and Yomi. They each sense something in the other that they lack in themselves, and are drawn to each other in spite of their contrasting personalities. Though initially hesitant, they form a strong connection. But they both have secrets - and in an empty world, two girls fight: Black Rock Shooter and Deadmaster. A strange being, Black Gold Saw, watches their mysterious battle, laughing. This is the story of two girls, in two worlds, entangled by the threads of fate.

Total Episodes: 8

Status: Airing

Aired Episode: 6

Kametsu Listing: Black ★ Rock Shooter

well so far a total of four episodes have been aired. i wanted to hear what you guys think of the series so far. for me black rock shooter is going pretty good thus far, there are still a few things that needs to be explained that i quite did not understand, which i hope gets explained before the series ends. so what are your ideas about the series so far.

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Just got caught up with the show (episode 5), I mainly watched this because I thought the movie was so great and I must say I have very mixed feelings about the show. There are parts that are really good and then it turns into something stupid. All the stuff with Black Rock Shooter in the movie was awesome, but most of it in the series has been kinda stupid looking. The plot though for the show has been good and that's what's kept me in it. Overall though the movie is much better. Still the plot twist in ever episode has been pretty good, and in this last episode you finally figure out who everyone is in the Black Rock Shooter world. Plus I still can't figure out if Kagari is just a plan b**** or if she just doesn't know how to express her shelf at all (end of episode 4)

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Just got caught up with the show (episode 5), I mainly watched this because I thought the movie was so great

i think it was more of an OVA than a movie, then again i could be wrong. so far i have watched up to episode 6, and most likely i think i'm going to drop it but as its only 8 episodes, so i might as well watch it out. i had high hopes for black rock shooter but the story is just so dull and some what boring :doubt: . and the CG effects are not so great either, Kagari in my opinion is just crazy. as a matter of fact everyone is over emotionally stimulated to much emotions, i know the show basically to show the emotional pain of mato and yomi but they could atleast tone it down somewhat and focus more on the getting the CG effects up to par and have a better story line not just reuse the one from the OVA.

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